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Event :Intern. Workshop on Multimedia Forensic Data Analysis Forensic 2021

Date :Friday July 16th, 2021

Location :New York Marriott Downtown
85 West Street At Albany Street
10006 New York City, United States

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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The processing of these data for police investigation purposes can help to speed up the investigation and make them more effective. If these data should be used in a court of law as evidence, techniques that can confirm the origin and integrity are necessary. These techniques should be robust and reproducible. They should also allow to work on sparse sample sets since in police investigation cases the data are usually rare. Multimedia content is comprised of images, videos, text and audio. These data allow to identify and compare objects or persons based on grey level, texture, color, geometrical or biometrical features. If they serve as evidence in court of law case they need to be trustworthy. The new techniques such as the internet and the new software services such as search engine like google, internet communities such as facebook make these multimedia content available in a new form and allow to derive new information from it such as links between groups, information pieces or events. The developed methods should aim to work on sparse data sets and allow to store the actual case in a data base in such a manner that they can easily retrieved, generalized and used as comparative cases for different police investigations.
All kinds of topics related to multimedia forensic data analysis are welcome. Some related topics are but not limited:
Person Identification in Images and Videos
Analysis of Handwritings
Multi Lingual Topic Modelling
Gender Recognition
Speech Analysis (native speaker recognition)
Analysis of Border Control Images
Genetic Data Analysis
General Admission: EUR 350.10
Time: 09:00 - 17:00


Map and directions
Conference address :
New York Marriott Downtown
85 West Street At Albany Street
10006 New York City
United States
Map and directions

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Intern. Workshop on Multimedia Forensic Data Analysis Forensic 2021 Medicine
forensicdataanalysis, speechrecognition, geneticdataanalysis, genderrecognition
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For more information on Intern. Workshop on Multimedia Forensic Data Analysis Forensic 2021, plsase contactr FutureLab Artificial Intelligence_IBaI_II

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