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Event :Diagnosed With Cancer? Some Tips For Eating Right!

Dates :Friday September 06th, 2019 - Monday September 06th, 2021

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However, one of the major problems with cancer is that it kills your desire to eat along with increasing your demand for nutrients. Ultimately, your body starts breaking down its important components to meet the energy needs which results in the debilitating picture of cancer.

How cancer affects your eating habits?

Before we go into correcting your eating habits, you need to first understand the effect of cancer cells on your body. Cancer affects your system in multiple ways. Hence, you need to counteract it with a well-grounded multifaceted approach. Managing cancer is tricky, but the last thing you need is going low on your energy reserves. Here are some ways that cancer meddles with your eating habits.

Increasing nutrient demand

Cancer is a growing mass of tissue. The body accepts it as its own and treats it as if an important part is growing and needs energy. Hence, cancer draws a major share of nutrient intake. This increases your overall energy intake which means you have to eat more than normal to help compensate for the deficits.

Stealing effect

Another troublesome effect of cancer is that it labels itself as a priority. This means that cancer ends up stealing food from other vital organs. It will prevent the brain and heart from getting nutrients if it didn’t get them first. Hence, you need to make sure that you consume an adequate quantity of calories so that your vital organ needs are met.

Affects the appetite center

The cancer cells release certain chemokines in the blood. These travel via the blood to the brain where they affect the appetite center. The satiety center is stimulated and the appetite center is inhibited. This results in decreased appetite so that you have less desire to consume food. Less consumption leads to lower caloric intake and an ultimate effect on your entire body, resulting in the characteristic cachexic look of cancer patients.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy suppress the appetite

The problem with cancer is that the treatment has tons of side effects as well. Best cancer hospitals in India perform chemotherapy and radiotherapy meant to kill off cancer also affect the appetite center decreasing the desire to eat. This can result in lower intake f calories and an imbalance in consumption to expenditure ratio. The patients start to use their energy reserves, dangerously affecting the vital organs.

Urge to vomit

Another important side effect of the treatment is the urge to vomit. The chemotherapeutic agent goes into the blood and affects the area postrema in the brain which is the vomiting center. The agents hypersensitize it so that food makes the patient vomit. This can get so severe that the patient starts to vomit even at the sight or smell of food nearby.

Dangerous effects of reduced appetite in cancer

The effects discussed above result in markedly reduced consumption of food. The caloric intake can drop dangerously low. The problem is that the patient t doesn’t feel hungry so e or she is not capable of understanding that they are starving themselves. As the body fails to receive the energy from outside, it turns towards its internal stores for energy. First, the carbohydrate reserves are consumed, then the fat is broken down and finally the body shifts to protein. At this point, the body can start eating away at vital organs such as the heart, affecting its condition resulting in a cardiac event.

Beneficial eating habits in cancer

Despite the debilitating effects, you can still work with your eating habits to help you counteract the effects of the disease. Simple management and careful monitoring can help you avoid low caloric intake and its consequences. Here are some great eating habits that you can adapt to ensure a sufficient caloric intake in cancer.

Small meals frequently

You need to change your pattern of eating so that you always have a steady supply of food. Eating small meals frequently instead of the conventional 3 meals per day makes sure your body is supplied with a constant source of energy. Moreover, it is easier to eat a small amount frequently, rather than consume a large meal in one go.

Keep snacks nearby

You never know when you start feeling hungry. It is best to make the most of the opportunity and snack on a nutritious snack to keep up your energy levels. Whenever you feel a slight hunger pang, address your snacks and eat away!

Limit beverages

The important thing to know is that you have to take the most out of the space in your stomach. Filling it with nutritious goodies will give you much more advantage than if you filled it with a beverage. Hence, it is best to limit these beverages so that you have maximum space for eating good food!

Go for high caloric foods

There a number of different foods, some with higher calories, and others with a lower total caloric amount. Choosing high-calorie food and high protein food ensures that you are getting the most nutritious meal in your stomach that will benefit you the most.

Stick to white meat

When you are undergoing chemotherapy, red meat may have a small or a tinge to it. This is normal. The best way to avoid it is to simply stick to white meat. Chicken turkey and fish are tasty options full of nutrition that you can try for yourself.

Marination may help

Sometimes your taste buds can become desensitized. This means that you won’t be able to register the flavor of foods as good as others. A way around this matter is to marinate your food. This ensures that the spices seep into the meat so that it is thoroughly coated with seasoning. You will be able to taste the food better this way.

Counteract taste

It's normal to get a sour, bitter or acidic taste in your mouth. It can be quite irritating and often collides with other tastes in your mouth. A way around it is to use sugar to counteract the bitter tastes. This will ensure your bitter taste is taken care of so that you can enjoy the regular tastes at your convenience.

Cool foods to room temperature

Sometimes the smell of food can be nauseating. A secret way around this is to cool the food to room temperature. The science behind this is the fact that at room temperature, fewer fumes of the food will waft into the dining room.

Stick with some neutrals

Nausea with cancer can be a very difficult time. Often the sensation is food-related that can be a real bother. We recommend keeping some plain food like bread and biscuits nearby. This will change the taste of your mouth so that you don’t feel nauseated anymore.

Sometimes fluids are good

Another way to treat nausea is to counteract it with a strong flavor. A strong juice, broth, ginger ale or other liquid can help you counteract that feeling of nausea especially if you take them before a meal. The juices wash down any nausea with a fresh feeling of delightfully strong tasting fruits.

Supplements are important

Taking your vitamin supplements is more important now than ever. The cancer cells are consuming your reserves at a fast pace but you need these vitamins for your own body too. Deficiency of these vitamins often leads to mouth sores. This is why it is recommended that you take the vitamins daily as a lack of any vitamin might immediately result in a deficiency, thanks to the increased outcome.

Soft foods

At times mouth sores can get really tough to deal with. To avoid worsening of the condition it is best to stick with a soft food diet such that you can easily swallow it. This will help your aching throat and prevent any from occurring in the future due to abrasions.

All of these tips are great ways that you can counteract the negative effects of cancer on your appetite. It can be tough to adapt to all the suggested tips and tricks. However, it is important to stick with these basic tips as failing to do so can result in radical weight loss and declining health. Try the tips above for yourself and feel the difference in your body and your routine.



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Diagnosed With Cancer? Some Tips For Eating Right! Cancerology
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