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Event :6th Computational Drug Development for Biologics Summit

Dates :Tuesday September 14th, 2021 - Thursday September 16th, 2021

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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Returning for the 6th year, the Computational Drug Development for Biologics Summit is your definitive community to meet, exchange and share your journeys and challenges with peers to uncover progress made and how we can accelerate the adoption of computational tools in the discovery and development of biologics.

CDD for Biologics has been formulated to help biopharmaceutical companies increase the efficiency of drug discovery and design processes using computational techniques such as docking and homology modelling, to mitigate data availability issues and to de-risk and accelerate drug development programs by embedding computational biology from the start.

Across 3 days, we will unite senior leaders including AstraZeneca, GSK, Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb and many more to:

Advance bioinformatics to help bridge the gap of computational biology and protein sciences
Explore how to unfold protein sciences to enable next-gen molecules and antibodies
Exploit computational and AI to design your de novo therapeutic biological candidate for the next blockbuster
De-risk and accelerate your drug development program by embedding computational biology from the start
Engage with your potential partners for pre-competitive collaboration and advance computational biology 2.0

Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Conference + 2 Workshops - Drug Developer: USD 2597.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Drug Developer: USD 2338.00,
Conference Only - Drug Developer: USD 2079.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Service Provider: USD 3397.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Service Provider: USD 3038.00,
Conference Only - Service Provider: USD 2679.00





Speakers: Monica Fernandez- Quintero, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, University of Innsbruck, Noureddine Khalaf, Assistant Professor, Arabian Gulf University, Pin-Kuang Lai, Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, Brandon DeKosky, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas, Ho Leung Ng, Associate Professor, Kansas State University, Kiran Mukhyala, Senior Computational Biologist, Genentech, Alex Jacobitz, Scientist, Amgen, Klaus Liedl, Professor, University of Innsbruck, Neeraj Agrawal, Principal Scientist, Group Lead of Attribute Science Data Engineering, Amgen, Hiroki Shirai, Executive Fellow, Astellas Pharma, Saeed Izadi, Scientist, Genentech, Vinodh Kurella, Senior Scientist, Voyager Therapeutics, Dariush Mohammadyani, Senior Scientist, Johnson and Johnson, Jeremy Schmit, Associate Professor, Kansas State University, Monica Wang, Principal Technology Lead, Project and Program Management, Scientific Informatics, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Hyelim Cho, Group Lead, Immunogenicity, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Stanley Krystek, Scientific Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sukanya Sasmal, Senior Scientist, Computational Structural Biology, Sanofi Pasteur, Akbar Nayeem, Principal Scientist, Molecular Structure and Design, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Christopher Negron, Senior Scientist, AbbVie, Yu Qiu, Digital Biologics Advanced Applications Lead, Large Molecule Research, Sanofi, Per Jr. Greisen, Director for Computational Drug Discover, Novo Nordisk, Peter Henstock, Machine Learning and AI Technical Lead, Pfizer, Sergio Mertinez, Cuesta Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca, Andy Nuzzo, Computational Biologist, GSK, Will Weiss, Director, Biotechnology Discovery Research Lead Optimization, Eli Lilly and Company, Yao Fan, Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie, Katrina Lexa Associate, Director and Senior Scientist, Denali Therapeutics

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6th Computational Drug Development for Biologics Summit Medicine - Pharmacy
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