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Price list

free of charge
no subscription,
no setup fees,
no fixed costs.

Referencing your events

Create your Organizer account - Announce your eventsFree !

Online registration

No hidden fees, no risk : only pay if you sell !
Registration form by check or wire transfert for your eventsFree !

Additional Services

We can help you to advertise your event and draft your registration forms.
Setting up a simple event mini-site

logo or banner + text : example

€ 180.00
Set up a customized mini-site for an event

logo, banner, picture, program, and drafting customized page layout : example

€ 300.00
(package for 3 h maximum)
Draft a simple registration form

multiple registration fees depending on the status of the participant (5 maximum)

€ 120.00
Draft a customized registration form

multiple registration fees depending on the status of the participant, session plan, optional charges or fees, preferred dates ...

€ 300.00
(package for 3 h maximum)
No Doctorama logos on your site€ 250.00

Customized Services

Publication and referencing a complete catalog of eventscontact us
Integration of a schedule or personalized list of events to include on your sitescontact us
Creating a website for your eventcontact us
Event platform management with no reference to Doctorama

Offer your customers a turnkey solution under your own brand and logos.

contact us
Special requestscontact us

For all drafting processes, the content must be provided to us in a digital format.
The prices for additional services are mentioned for information purposes only and will be specified after reviewing your project.
All prices are indicated without VAT.

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