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  • Do I have to pay to register on Doctorama ?

    Registering on Doctorama is free. The registration process is quick and easy.
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  • How do I create an account ?

    By completing the registration form available here
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  • What are the advantages of registering on Doctorama ?

    Being registered on Doctorama allows you to access to the following :
    - a customized display,
    - pre-filled forms to avoid repetitive typing,
    - direct contact tools to simplify the exchange of information,
    - direct import of events to your calendar,
    - to save a list of selected events,
    - to calculate automatically a direction from your business address to the event location.
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  • What kind of account can be created ?

    - Create a Doctorama User account to search for information or to register for events
    - Create a Doctorama account to announce, promote and facilitate the management of your events
    A Doctorama Organizer account also benefits from the possibilities of the Doctorama User account.
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  • Why use internal messaging ?

    The internal messaging Doctorama facilitates direct contact to avoid spam or SPAM.
    You will receive notification by email informing you of the arrival of new messages.
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  • Is it possible to cancel my account ?

    Yes, after verification. Simply send us an email. Contact us.
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    Consult an event
  • What are the different search options ?

    by category (dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, paramedical, veterinary) or medical specialty
    by typology (congress, conference, degree, education...)
    by city
    by country
    by entering keywords in the search box
    by entering keywords most often used by the organizers.
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  • How do I navigate within a specific category or medical specialty ?

    In the navigation menu at the top left, click on the links to medical or paramedical categories.
    Then you'll see then the list of all events in the chosen specialty.
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  • How can I narrow down a search ?

    If the number of events displayed in the theme selected is too large, you can narrow down your search by selecting a specialty, a typology, city, a country or by entering keywords in the search box.
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  • How can I extend the search ?

    By removing a specialty, a typology, city, country or keyword in the search box.
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  • How can I find a specific event ?

    By clicking on the tabs to find your type of event in the selected specialty or by entering keywords in the search box (acronym organizer, acronym congress, speaker name ...)
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  • Can I find a past event ?

    Yes, click on the link "View past health events".
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  • How can I find events in my area ?

    In your account, an interactive map displays the events close to the address you indicated in your registration form.
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  • Is it possible to save a list of events I have selected ?

    Yes, you can save event details for futher use.
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  • How do I contact the administrator of the event ?

    If you need additional information, the simplest way is to use the messaging system accessible via the contact tab of the event.
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    Publish events
  • What kind of events can I announce ?

    Congresses, conferences, annual training cycles, academic degrees, initial education, continuing education, seminars, sessions, evening discussions ...
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  • Will my event posted immediately on internet ?

    Your event will be spread on internet once you have clicked the "Publish" button at the top of the event management section.
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  • How many events can I announce ?

    You can publish as many events as you wish.
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  • How much does the publishing of an event cost on Doctorama ?

    Announcing an event on Doctorama is FREE.
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  • How long will the announcement of my event remain online ?

    Your ad will remain online until the event has taken place. Afterwards, it no longer appears in the search engine but will remain in your account in "My Account" - "My Events".
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  • How do I publish a new event ?

    First you must be logged onto your Doctorama Announcer account, click on "Create an event."
    It is not possible to announce events from a Doctorama User account.
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  • How do I make my event clearly visible in the list of events ?

    The logo, title and summary are essential to improve the visibility of your event.
    Once the reader has been drawn to the logo and the title of an event, the summary should confirm his interest in the event, invite him to read what follow and click on the event.
    The summary is a brief description of the strong points, a concentration of information, a highlighted text attachment to encourage the reader to visualize your event.
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  • How best to present the announce of my event ?

    Complete as many of the fields on the event creation form as possible,
    Summarize your event briefly to attract future participants,
    Give precise details to enable the participant to register without having to request additional information,
    Personalize your event as desired with banners, logos, graphic design,
    Indicate relevant keywords and the specialty most appropriate,
    If accreditation is available, specify the education credits,
    Upload your program or your registration form...
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  • What is the recommended format for the description ?

    When creating or editing an event, use our WYSIWYG integrated editor :
    For titles, Arial font 16, 18, ​​20 bold - gray, orange or black
    For the text, Arial font 12 - dark gray

    Use frequent line breaks for easy reading.
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  • How can I include pictures in the description ?

    When creating or editing an event, use our WYSIWYG integrated editor :
    Position the cursor where you wish to insert the picture, click on the image at the top right hand side of the toolbar, select a file image format (jpg, png, gif), send to the server and click OK.
    To edit an image, right click on the image and update the properties.
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  • How can I typing all the text describing my event ?

    To avoid double entry, you can make a copy and paste from a word, pdf or text document.
    You can also make a copy and paste from a web page if you already have a site.
    Always check the appearance of the announcement before publishing it.
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  • Can I mention my contact information in my announce (URL, email, phone...) ?

    This information is requested in specified fields. In order to maintain site consistency, you should not post your contact information in the description. To contact you, people will use the contact tools available to them on your events pages.
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  • Is it possible to publish similar or recurring events easily ?

    Yes, on the "Event management" page, click on the "Duplicate" button and update the information to change : dates, location ...
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  • Is it possible to modify a published event ?

    Yes, on the "Event management" page, click on the "Edit" button and update the information.
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  • Is it possible to delete a published event ?

    Yes, on the "Event management" page, click on the "Delete" button. You will be prompted by a confirmation to avoid possible error.
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  • Is it possible to assign Doctorama the creation and publication of my event ?

    Yes, we can help you create all your Doctorama event sites. Detailed description, objectives, graphic customization, personal URL ... This is a paying service, contact us.
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  • My event does not appear in the Doctorama list

    After creating your event, it is visible on internet only if you clicked on the "Publish" button in the "Event management" page.
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    • Event mini-site
  • Can an event have a personalized web address ?

    Yes, your event can have an address such as www.doctorama/acronym-event
    for example : www.doctorama/ADF2010, www.doctorama/Cardio2010, www.doctorama/mcicongress
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  • Can an event be private and not released to the public ?

    Yes. By checking the box "Private Distribution" in section 5. of the form "create an event", your event will not be listed on Doctorama. It will be accessible only by its URL that you can communicate to your contacts.
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  • Is it possible to customize my event according to my own graphic design ?

    Yes, your site can be customized according to your graphic design, with the colors of your choice or by adding pictures, logos...
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  • Does each event published have its own site ?

    Yes, each event has its own event pages.
    It is accessible through a unique internet address specified in the "Event management".
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  • Will participants be able to locate the address of the event easily ?

    Yes, the participant has access to a map and automatic itinerary calculation from his address.
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  • How can those interested my event can contact me ?

    By internal messaging, phone, fax...
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  • Can participants register ?

    Yes, the participant can print your registration form and register directly.
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  • I already have a website for my event, why should I announce it on Doctorama ?

    In order to improve your ranking and visibility on the internet by a qualified and targeted audience actively seeking related events.
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    • Referencing and search engines
  • What is their role ?

    After entering keywords, a User generally consults only the first page displayed by the search engine.
    Your event has a website, where is it ? On the first pages of the search engines ?

    Doctorama is N°1 in referencing in most medical or paramedical specialties whatever the event typology.

    We upgrade your referencing and your visibility on internet and we can help you to increase the number of potential participants.
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  • How does Doctorama facilitate the priority of my announcement on the web ?

    Our ongoing work keeps referencing Doctorama at the top list of major search engines lists in most medical specialties.

    A multitude of events have been listed on our website for many years now, from simple conferences to large national or international congresses... This endorses our reputation and our efficiency.

    A User interested in a health event visits Doctorama first. He will therefore have easy access to all the events listed, including your own event.
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    • Promotion and marketing
  • What facilities are on offer to promote an event ?

    From the date of publication, your event has a wide distribution.
    Your event is immediately linked to major search engines.
    Your event is announced on social networks, Twitter and Facebook and RSS feeds.
    Your event is spread to sites displaying the Doctorama schedule in the theme of your event.
    Your event also benefits from a diffusion initiated by the user of the site.
    With one click, a site User can send a direct link to your event to a potential participant.
    With one click, a site user can send your event to his social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live ... Over 50 networks are already set
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  • What is the purpose of communication through social networks ?

    Communicating through social networks can spread widely and rapidly amongst groups of people with common interests.
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  • Is it possible to send information emails or targeted newsletters to my own contacts ?

    Yes. You can import your contact groups and create groups of targeted prospects according to your criteria. You can send invitations or information emails to your past and future participants to invite them to read your new events. Currently you can send your newsletter to 100 recipients maximum per day.
    If your group of contacts exceeds 100, divide it into subgroups with less than 100 people each and send your newsletter every day to a different group. To increase the limit of 100, contact us
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  • Can I integrate my calendar of events published on Doctorama in my own site ?

    Yes, you can simplify the management of your list of events by including it on your site.
    As mentioned on the page "Your Account", copy the link <iframe src="..................> onto the HTML content of your site.
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  • I have no website to promote my business event, what should I do ?

    To promote your organization and event activities, post the address of your Doctorama web page on all your communications :

    To promote a particular event, post the event address on all your communications :
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  • How do I send out invitations to promote my event ?

    Go to the "Events management" page. Click on the left : "Send invitation".
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  • How should I organize my contact list ?

    Go to the "My Contacts" page, click on the button "Import."
    Accepted formats are. vcf,. csv, txt.
    We recommend you export your contacts from your email provider in. vcf.
    For the csv format, use the title fields Lastame, firstname, email.
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  • How do I import my contact lists ?

    You can organize your contacts by creating target groups based on your criteria.
    Group participants in the same category, such as Cardio 2010, etc ...
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  • Can I send messages to anyone ?

    No, you can send emails to your personal lists of contacts.
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  • What kind of message can I send ?

    You can inform your participants of your upcoming events or send a targeted newsletter.
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  • Is there a limit to the number of emails sent ?

    You can send 100 emails a day.
    To increase this limit or to send a mass mailing, contact us.
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    • Corporate accounts - Universities
  • Is it possible to announce a number of events without entering them individually ?

    Yes, it is no necessary to type each one individualy, contact us.
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    A calendar of events on your site
  • Can a company use the services of Doctorama to create a calendar of events on its website ?

    Yes, it is possible to directly display the list of your upcoming events registered on doctorama.
    Go to "Your account", copy the link <iframe src="..................> into the HTML content of your site.

    You can also put a link on your site pointing to a specific typology or category from a Doctorama page, for example :

    • list of cardiology, URL :
    to rename Congress and cardiology education programs or Cardiology Calendar or Events.

    • list of Postgraduate Medicine, URL :
    to rename Postgraduate Medicine or Postgraduate Medicine Calendar
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  • Can a company use the services of Doctorama to improve the existing agenda on its own site ?

    Yes, use our knowledge and benefit from the advantages offered by Doctorama. Entries and updates of your lists of events can easily be carried out from any computer, without any previous technical knowledge. In addition, you will benefit from new features and upcoming improvements.
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  • What are the advantages of using the Doctorama technology ?

    Your events calendar get our features and our ergonomics to facilitate the registration of your participants.
    - pre-filled contact forms,
    - direct contact tools to simplify the exchange of information,
    - direct import of events into the calendar of the participant,
    - anti-spam messaging,
    - directions and map to the location of the event,
    - useful links .../...
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