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    List of pharmacy conferences and seminars : 70 results

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    Pharmacy conference and seminar

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    2nd Annual Dry-AMD Therapeutic Development Summit

    Ref: 33101 10/19/2021 -> 10/21/2021 - Online

    Welcome to the 2nd Annual Dry AMD Therapeutic Development Summit: Uncovering the Largest Untapped Eyecare Market and Enhancing Ocular Research to Bring About Clinically Effective Therapies for Dry-AMD and GA. Returning for its 2nd year as the world’s leading industry forum, Dry-AMD Therapeutic ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Precision Data and Programmatic Marketing

    Ref: 33205 10/19/2021 -> 10/20/2021 - Online

    Maximize engaging content to fine-tune your programmatic and precision advertising strategies through real-time performance, compliant data, and patient centricity

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    The Veterinary Drug Approval Process and FDA Regulatory Oversight

    Ref: 33202 10/20/2021 -> 10/22/2021 - San Jose US

    Editorial The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is responsible for the approval of veterinary drug products intended for family pets, food-producing animals, and other animal species. This seminar will cover the process for obtaining federal government ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Digital 11th Injectables Summit 2021

    Ref: 33262 10/20/2021 -> 10/21/2021 - Online

    Engineering a Safe, Quality and Affordable Injectable Device While Excelling in Global Regulatory Compliance

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    The Veterinary Drug Approval Process and FDA Regulatory Oversight

    Ref: 33291 10/20/2021 -> 10/22/2021 - San Jose US

    Editorial The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is responsible for the approval of veterinary drug products intended for family pets, food-producing animals, and other animal species. This seminar will cover the process for obtaining federal government ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Medical Wearables for Biosensors USA Conference 2021

    Ref: 33050 10/25/2021 -> 10/26/2021 - Online

    Exploring therapeutic applications of connected on-body devices

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    SOP Writing, Training and Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Ref: 33292 10/25/2021 -> 10/26/2021 - San Jose US

    Editorial Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the basis for a large part of the day-to-day training that most pharmaceutical employees are required to perform. Still, it is not widely understood the extent of the commitments we make when we write an SOP or how the writing of the SOP can ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    2021 – 19th International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 26-27 October, Dubai

    Ref: 32490 10/26/2021 -> 10/27/2021 - Dubai AE

    Healthcare & Biological Sciences Research Association (HBSRA)

    Conference & Seminar: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic, Veterinary
    CME 4 credits

    5th Complement-based Drug Development Summit

    Ref: 33154 10/26/2021 -> 10/28/2021 - Online

    Built with Alexion, Apellis and Annexon, the 5th Complement-based Drug Development Summit returns for its fifth year as the definitive industrydedicated forum to maximize complement-targeting in the pan-disease setting. With pivotal clinical readouts poised to be released in 2021, this year's ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Supply Chain and Logistics for Cell Therapies Summit

    Ref: 33178 10/26/2021 -> 10/28/2021 - Online

    Dedicated to Advancing End-to-End, Patient-Centric Supply Chains, Ensuring Quality, Consistent, Repeatable and End-User Friendly Delivery of Time and Temperature Sensitive Therapies

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    4th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

    Ref: 33216 10/26/2021 -> 10/29/2021 - Online

    Optimize Pharmacology, Overcome Resistance and Enable Brain Barrier Penetration to Successfully Develop Transformative Targeted Protein Degradation Strategies for a Range of Disease-Causing Targets

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Oncology

    9th Advanced RWE Applications in Pharma

    Ref: 33267 10/26/2021 -> 10/28/2021 - Online

    Returning for its 9th year, Advanced Real-World Evidence Applications in Pharma 2021 (formerly IMPACCT: RWE) will assist pharma and biotech leaders in transforming real-world evidence into business intelligence, impacting your pipeline, and delivering patient outcomes.
    Across 3 days, you can ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    PODD: Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery

    Ref: 33283 10/28/2021 -> 10/29/2021 - Online

    Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) is celebrating its 11th anniversary event virtually. Pharma, biotech and the drug delivery industries gather annually at PODD to assess delivery needs, latest trends and information on deals and learn about a wide range of innovative drug delivery ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    5th Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD)

    Ref: 33212 11/01/2021 -> 11/03/2021 - Online

    Solving the Translational Drug Development Gap, from Fibrotic Mechanisms to Clinically Successful Therapeutics

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Clinical Document World

    Ref: 33236 11/02/2021 -> 11/05/2021 - Online

    Join us November 2-5, 2021 at the Clinical Document World virtual event to master your clinical documentation processes.

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    2nd Applied Biocatalysis Summit

    Ref: 33265 11/03/2021 -> 11/04/2021 - Online

    Understand the most recent developments in enzyme-catalyzed processes, computational technologies, and cutting-edge methodologies in biocatalytic cascade reactions to help the API and chemical industries apply biocatalysis more effectively. Specifically designed alongside experts in the fied, ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Raw Material Requirements (Health Canada/USP/EP) in a cGMP Environment - Issues and Solutions

    Ref: 33375 11/04/2021 -> 11/05/2021 - San Jose US

    Editorial Raw material requirements in a cGMP environment are often overlooked as a Company develops new products. Depending upon the product being developed, e.g., tablets and capsules vs. biotechnology products to include recombinant microorganisms and gene therapy products, as few as fifteen ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    The Use of Drug Master Files & Quality Agreements: Understanding and Meeting your Regulatory and Processing Responsibilities

    Ref: 33376 Friday November 05th, 2021 - San Jose US

    Editorial This combined DMF (Drug Master Files) and Quality Agreement training will discuss the advantages for suppliers and drug product manufacturers in developing these arrangements together. Over time, there have been several misunderstandings between supplier / contractors and ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Reuters Events: Pharma Marketing USA

    Ref: 33133 11/08/2021 -> 11/10/2021 - Online

      Pharma has entered dramatic digital change, with analytics anchored as a key cornerstone for data-driven decisions. Preparing for 2022, we need to discuss how to implement and execute a hybrid future to meet advancing customer expectations. Delivering a flawless customer journey is no ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    2nd Inborn Errors of Metabolism

    Ref: 33239 11/08/2021 -> 11/10/2021 - Boston US

    The Inborn Errors of Metabolism team understands that there is still huge value to the inherited metabolic disease community in providing a platform for knowledge sharing and scientific corroboration. As such, the Inborn Errors of Metabolism Drug Development summit has returning to physicality ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Medical Devices and IVD conference 2021

    Ref: 33168 11/15/2021 -> 11/16/2021 - London GB

    SMi is proud to announce the launch of their Medical Devices and IVD conference to be held in London in November 2021.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Reuters Events' Total Health 2021

    Ref: 32584 11/16/2021 -> 11/17/2021 - Online

    As the world looks to the healthcare industry for guidance, this is where its leaders come to set the agenda and change lives. Join 5000+ healthcare leaders to build a better healthcare system.

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    CRISPR 2.0 Summit

    Ref: 33224 11/16/2021 -> 11/18/2021 - Online

    Discover the Next Generation of Precise, Safe and Effective Gene Editing Approaches.

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Cell Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors Summit

    Ref: 33230 11/16/2021 -> 11/18/2021 - Online

    Turbocharge the Translation of CAR-T, TCR, NK and Macrophage Cell Therapies to Provide Safe and Efficacious Treatment Options to Tackle Cold Tumors

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

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