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List of medical conferences and educations - cme online or at distance : 117 results

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Medical meetings - Medical educations

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PhD End to End Assistance & Guidance

Ref: 32184 08/14/2020 -> 08/21/2020 - Online

  IFERP organizes a webinar series on “PhD End to End Assistance & Guidance” from 14th August 2020 to 21st August, 2020 at 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM. This webinar series is for the research scholars, professors, academicians those who are doing their research work and yet to start their ...

Conference & Seminar: Veterinary

Hemophilia Drug Development Summit

Ref: 31907 Tuesday August 18th, 2020 - Online

Advance the Next Generation of Safe and More Effective Therapies for Bleeding Disorders

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Mastering Excel Charts and Graphs - Communicate Insights More Effectively

Ref: 32129 Tuesday August 18th, 2020 - Online

Learn how to create charts in Excel for visual representation of data. The webinar discusses various Excel charting tools and how to use them to communicate insights more effectively.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Preparing the Workplace for the New Normal: 2020 Updates on EEOC and ADA Regulations

Ref: 32147 Tuesday August 18th, 2020 - Online

  OVERVIEW In response to COVID-19, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has updated and/or provided guidance related to the current employment concerns specific to the pandemic. The EEOC guidance offers helpful insights into how the agencies are balancing changes to ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Patients as Partners US

Ref: 31305 08/19/2020 -> 08/21/2020 - Online

  The 7th annual Patients as Partners is guided by a dedicated group of advisors from pharma and biotech, patient advocacy and FDA whom meet quarterly to develop the conference agenda. This is the only event that truly demonstrates how to involve patients throughout the entire medicines ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine, Pharmacy

Excel Top 10 Functions and How to Use Them - Turn Your Business Data Into Insightful Information

Ref: 32132 Wednesday August 19th, 2020 - Online

Learn how to use Excel functions to manage and analyze large datasets. The webinar discusses techniques to turn raw data into meaningful insights for the organization.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

11th Annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference (IMMH)

Ref: 31562 08/20/2020 -> 08/23/2020 - Online

IMMH invites you to join us for our 11th annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference, August 20-23, now LIVE ONLINE!   This four-day international conference will give practitioners a holistic approach to successfully diagnose and treat underlying issues contributing ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Psychiatry

2020 Cardiovascular Board Review for Initial Certification and Recertification - LIVE STREAMING

Ref: 31979 08/22/2020 -> 08/27/2020 - Online

  Our 2020 Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Board Review will be presented as a virtual live-stream course in light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. This will be an interactive virtual experience that will deliver a premier learning experience and an opportunity to connect virtually ...

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology

Innate Killer Summit 2020

Ref: 31044 08/24/2020 -> 08/26/2020 - Online

The 5th Innate Killer Summit is the leading industry meeting providing a platform for leaders in the NK, gdT and NKT fields to network, interact and learn. This 3-day meeting is the only end-to-end platform that fosters the transformation of leading science to life-changing commercial ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit

Ref: 32001 08/25/2020 -> 08/27/2020 - Online

  The inaugural Commercializing Flow Chemistry Summit is your catalyst to bridge the gap between using flow for a single step in R and D to supporting fully integrated GMP drug substance manufacturing, from technical, economic and regulatory standpoints. Over the last few years, we have ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

ChinaBio® Partnering Forum 2020 Digital

Ref: 32085 08/25/2020 -> 08/27/2020 - Online

  Forge valuable cross-border partnerships with virtual partnering with attendees from the fastest-growing healthcare market in the world. ChinaBio® Partnering Forum is the largest and most productive China-focused life science partnering event. To be held as a digital event with ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Keeping Employees Engaged, Empowered and Motivated in Challenging Times: Emerge Stronger from the COVID-19 Crisis

Ref: 32154 Tuesday August 25th, 2020 - Online

Learn how to keep employees engaged and motivated in times of crisis and help them emerge stronger. The webinar discusses creative ways to engage employees, identifying methods of motivating employees in an organization and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Managing Leaves of Absence Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidelines for Administering FMLA and ADA

Ref: 32172 Wednesday August 26th, 2020 - Online

Learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how they need to be administered while managing leaves of absence which may or may not be related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

7th International Conference on Nutrition and Growth (N and G 2020)

Ref: 29827 08/27/2020 -> 08/29/2020 - Online

Join us from 27-29 August for the first virtual Conference on Nutrition and Growth (N and G 2020). Let us come to you and enjoy a top-notch meeting experience!

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

2nd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit 2020 - Boston, MA

Ref: 31112 08/27/2020 -> 08/28/2020 - Online

A unique digital forum focusing on accelerating the discovery and translation of bacteriophage research into targeted therapeutics that demonstrate clinically significant results.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

How to Prepare for the New OSHA Requirements Under the HEROES Act for COVID-19 Prevention: An Employer’s Guide

Ref: 32161 Thursday August 27th, 2020 - Online

Know about the OSHA guidance on preparing the workplace for COVID-19under the HEROES Act for protecting your workplace and the stakeholders while continuing business operations.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

PI3K Pathways Digital Summit

Ref: 32149 Friday August 28th, 2020 - Online

Developing More Clinically Safe and Effective Next Generation PI3K Inhibitors

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Digital TIL Therapies Summit

Ref: 32146 Monday August 31st, 2020 - Online

Select, Expand and Modify Clinically Effective Allogeneic TIL Therapy

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Gene Therapy Analytical Development Europe | Virtual Event

Ref: 31536 09/01/2020 -> 09/03/2020 - Online

Optimising Analytical Methods to Guarantee Safe, High Quality, Consistent and Efficacious Gene Therapy Products

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Email Management Simplified: Top Techniques to Work More Efficiently with Microsoft Outlook

Ref: 32178 Tuesday September 01st, 2020 - Online

Learn about Microsoft Outlook email management best practices to keep your inbox clear and work more efficiently. The webinar discusses how to use filtering rules, automating your emails, Outlook calendar and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

je voudrai un amis dans notre site pour m aider ma projet

Ref: 31701 Wednesday September 02nd, 2020 - Online

bonjour voila mon envenimement dans dans votre société il y en quelque choses busa hard . elle une femme tomber a sainte elle demande d aider

Conference & Seminar: Allergology

Ending Harassment, Gossip, and Disruptive Behavior: Going Forward to a Safe and Supportive ‘New Normal’ Workplace Environment

Ref: 32181 Wednesday September 02nd, 2020 - Online

Learn how to handle destructive behavior in the workplace including gossip, harassment, rumors, etc. Also, learn how D.I.S.C assessment can help evaluate the problem employees and create a positive work environment.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy


Ref: 32228 Wednesday September 02nd, 2020 - Online

  The COVID19 crisis has initiated a wake-up call to an uncertain, changing future. In order to be prepared for the next inevitable outbreak, we need to understand the complexity and interconnectivity between Global Health, Environmental Science, World Economics, Politics, Technology, ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

Create Effective Data Visualization in Excel (Hands-On): Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Skillset

Ref: 32199 Thursday September 03rd, 2020 - Online

Learn the techniques of analyzing and visualizing data with Excel more effectively using various features in the application. The webinar also discusses how to build interactive Excel dashboards, how to add a chart in Excel and more.

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Gastro Update Europe 2020 - VIRTUAL!

Ref: 31280 09/04/2020 -> 09/05/2020 - Online

A clinically-relevant update across the field of gastroenterology. Only the most recent international studies, results and peer-reviewed information from the past 12 months will be presented.

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

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