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Euromar 2018

Ref: 26191 07/01/2018 -> 07/05/2018 - Nantes FR

European Magnetic Resonance Meeting

Congress: Radiology & Imaging

Mayo Clinic Diagnostic Imaging Update and Self-Assessment

Ref: 26652 07/16/2018 -> 07/20/2018 - Maui US

  Mayo Clinic Diagnostic Imaging Update and Self-Assessment is a postgraduate course designed to provide practicing radiologists, residents and fellows-in-training with a review of state-of-the-art imaging techniques. 'Focused days' (abdominal, bone, neuro) will be offered in response to ...

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

6th Annual Worldwide Nursing Conference – WNC 2018

Ref: 26175 07/23/2018 -> 07/24/2018 - Singapore SG

Nursing practice is both a science and an art. It requires scientific skill yet demands a strong background in the social sciences and humanities. Nursing makes a significant contribution to the health maintenance, health promotion and well-being of individuals, local communities and populations. A

Conference & Seminar: AIDS, Virology, Sports Medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Pedagogy, Oncology, Occupational Medicine

International Conferences on Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Ref: 26475 08/02/2018 -> 08/03/2018 - Oslo NO

• Organ specific Cancer: Diagnosis & Treatment
• Cancer Epidemiology
• Cancer Biopsy
• Biomarkers in Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis• Cancer Screening Test• Cancer Diagnostics and Imaging• Technology Used in Cancer Detection• Surgical Oncology• Nanotechnology in Can

Conference & Seminar: Oncology, Palliative care, Radiology & Imaging, Research, Tropical medicine, Toxicology

17th World Digestive Diseases Conference

Ref: 26763 09/10/2018 -> 09/11/2018 - Bucharest RO

Clinical Gastroenterology
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Gastroenterology and Proctology
Current Updates in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Pancreatic Diseases, Gastroenterology and Urology, GI Disorders in Neonates, Functional and Motility Disorder

Conference & Seminar: Gastroenterology, Diet & Nutrition, Bio-Technologies, Immunology, Internal medicine, National Health, Neonatology, Nuclear medicine, Oncology, Radiology & Imaging

World Neuron Congress

Ref: 26699 09/13/2018 -> 09/15/2018 - Bucharest RO

Program NEURON 2018, a special program that involves latest innovative treatment and prevention of Neurological Disorders may help people with multiple sclerosis (MS). On behalf of the Scientific Committee, World Neuron Congress is going to be held in the Bucharest, Romania during ...

Conference & Seminar: Addiction, Neurology, Oncology, Pain, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Public Health, Radiology & Imaging, Traumatology

ESGAR/ESCP Multidisciplinary Bowel Imaging Workshop, Amsterdam 2018

Ref: 26248 10/04/2018 -> 10/05/2018 - Amsterdam NL

  The European Society of Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Imaging (ESGAR) and the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) are organising together a multidisciplinary course on GI tract tumour.   This course aims to enhance the multidisciplinary approach of patients with malignant ...

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

Radiology at Lake Como

Ref: 26135 10/08/2018 -> 10/13/2018 - Como IT

CME Accredited lecture course offered in the wonderful city of Como on Lake Como, Italy.

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

Cardiology Summit 2018 - Global Cardiology Summit

Ref: 27286 10/22/2018 -> 10/23/2018 - Osaka JP

The Global Cardiology Summit aimed at presenting current research being carried out in cardiology and scheduled to be held at Osaka, Japan from October 22-23, 2018.

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology, Diabetes, Genetic(s), Geriatrics, Hematology, Internal medicine, Nuclear medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Research, Surgery

ESGAR Liver Imaging Workshop, London 2018

Ref: 26255 10/25/2018 -> 10/26/2018 - London GB

  Liver imaging evolved into one of the main fields of application in our discipline thanks to the technological evolution of modalities and development of contrast media in particular tissue agents.   The aim of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive coverage of all the main ...

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

Mayo Clinic Pancreatic and Hepato-Biliary Cancer Symposium 2018

Ref: 27433 10/26/2018 -> 10/27/2018 - Scottsdale US

Nationally and internationally renowned faculty bring you an update on the latest multi-disciplinary care for patients with hepato-biliary and pancreatic cancers.

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

Medical Spanish for the Healthcare Professional

Ref: 27455 11/05/2018 -> 11/09/2018 - Playa Panama US

This conference teaches basic and intermediate Medical Spanish language skills to healthcare professionals. The course is held in Costa Rica and helps students implement the usage of their new language skills with native speakers in an immersion setting.

Education: Anesthesia - Resuscitation, Surgery, Radiology & Imaging, General medicine, Internal medicine, Emergency, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics
CME 20 credits

Cours d'Imagerie du Sein

Ref: 26398 12/06/2018 -> 12/07/2018 - Paris FR

Quoi de neuf en Imagerie du Sein depuis 5 ans ?

Congress: Cancerology, Surgery, Gynecology obstetrics, Radiology & Imaging

Atlas and Som: Case Oriented Tutorial in Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Imaging

Ref: 27289 02/07/2019 -> 02/09/2019 - Las Vegas US

Dr. Scott W. Atlas and Dr. Peter M. Som will discuss over 500 selected brain, spine, and head and neck cases in this intensive, personalized tutorial, highlighting their approaches to the differential diagnosis of these diseases. Drs. Atlas and Som will also review pertinent normal anatomy, ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Radiology & Imaging

Practical Neuroradiology: Excellence Through Evidence and Guidelines

Ref: 27355 02/10/2019 -> 02/14/2019 - British Columbia CA

  Practical Neuroradiology: Excellence Through Evidence and Guidelines is intended to provide a clinically-relevant discussion of common diseases involving the brain, head/neck, and spine. In addition to the use of case-based imaging reviews to highlight pearls and pitfalls in diagnostic ...

Congress: Radiology & Imaging

Stoller's Comprehensive Tutorial in MSK Imaging

Ref: 27402 02/20/2019 -> 02/22/2019 - Las Vegas US

A checklist emphasis is used to enable participants to understand the proper approach to cases as well as interpretation pearls. The Stoller Mini-Fellowship Workshop is a one day workshop course in which Dr. Stoller reviews entire DICOM MRI cases of all six appendicular joints on a workstation ...

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

DIU Accueil des urgences en service de pédiatrie

Ref: 5002 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

Délivrer une formation pédiatrique complémentaire aux médecins ayant reçu la formation minimale du cursus des études médicales et leur permettre d'assurer une prise en charge adaptée des enfants consultant dans les services d'urgence
Connaître les conduites pratiques les plus fréquentes dans le cad

Post graduate: Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Radiology & Imaging, Emergency, Pain

DIU Prise en charge des traumatismes sévères

Ref: 5004 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

L’objectif principal de ce DIU est d’obtenir une amélioration de la prise en charge des traumatismes sévères en France, en réalisant l’équivalent d’un ATLS adapté aux systèmes de santé français, et complémentaire de l’enseignement universitaire initial des principales spécialités concernées notammen

Post graduate: Medicine, Anesthesia - Resuscitation, Sports Medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Traumatology, Emergency, Hospital, Epidemiology

DIU Cardiologie pédiatrique et congénitale

Ref: 5012 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

Cardiologie congénitale et pédiatrique
Cardiologie foetale
Cardiologie congénitale adulte

Post graduate: Medicine, Anesthesia - Resuscitation, Cardiology, Surgery, Gynecology obstetrics, Pediatrics, Radiology & Imaging

DIU Maladies cardiovasculaires du sujet âgé

Ref: 5015 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

Le DIU Maladies Cardiovasculaires du Sujet Agé propose aux professionnels concernés une formation approfondie dans le diagnostic et la prise en charge des maladies cardiovasculaires du sujet âgé.
Cet enseignement privilégie une approche multi-disciplinaire de cette thématique, visant à favoriser u

Post graduate: Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Geriatrics, General medicine, Radiology & Imaging, Diabetes, Hospital, Epidemiology

DU Chirurgie et prothèse implantologiques

Ref: 5029 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

Le diplôme vise la formation théorique et pratique des participant à l'implantologie tant dans ses aspects fondamentaux que dans ses aspects chirurgicaux et prothétiques spécifiques.

Post graduate: Medicine, Implantology, Prosthesis, Anatomy pat. & histo, Surgery, ENT, Radiology & Imaging, Maxillofacial surgery, Occlusodonty, Psychology

DIU Endocrinologie et diabétologie pédiatriques

Ref: 5046 Academic year 2017-2018 - Paris FR

Former en endocrinologie et diabétologie pédiatriques de jeunes médecins appelés à utiliser ultérieurement ces connaissances spécialisées dans leur pratique professionnelle.

Post graduate: Medicine, Endocrinology, Genetic(s), Diet & Nutrition, Pediatrics, Radiology & Imaging, Diabetes

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