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    How to properly investigate OOS/OOT Results

    Ref: 26606 Tuesday March 06th, 2018 - Aurora US

    OVERVIEW This webinar will review the regulatory requirements for investigating an OOS Investigation.The responsibilities of the analyst, the supervisor and QA will be discussed. A detailed flow chart will be used to help the attendees clearly understand the steps and the order in which they ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Physician Extenders: Working with an NP or PA to Increase Profitability

    Ref: 26612 Wednesday March 07th, 2018 - Aurora US

    OVERVIEW Nurse practitioners and physician assistants will enhance the efficiency and productivity of the practice to increase profitability. Primary care physicians and specialists can benefit from the use of physician extenders. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND Physicians performing all tasks are ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Managing Workplace Stress: How to Create a Less Stressful and More Productive Work Environment

    Ref: 26682 Wednesday March 07th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Stress is a killer— to you and to employee engagement, empowerment, productivity, morale and a sense of accomplishment. When your self-esteem goes down, and your reputation and the work you do is threatened, how you handle it can be a serious blow to your career. If you are ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Performance Reviews: A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Them Meaningfully and Effectively

    Ref: 26679 Tuesday March 13th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW In order to function at maximum effectiveness, a manager must master critical communication skills, including active listening, the ability to receive and provide constructive feedback, to resolve conflicts and to coach and mentor. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND By attending, you ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Preparing for 2018 payroll – An Overview of Federal and State Legislative Changes, Court Decisions, and all activities that affects Payroll ...

    Ref: 26681 Tuesday March 13th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Being prepared for 2018 means closing out 2017 properly, AND making necessary updates to your automated payroll systems prior to the 1st pay period in 2018. Prior to preparing 4th qtr returns, year end information returns, and accounting entries, you MUST reconcile the year’s ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    How to Legally use Background Checks and Avoid the EEOC

    Ref: 26695 Wednesday March 21st, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW This course will cover the use of background checks in the employment process under the EEOC best practices. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND Being accused of being a discriminatory employer is never a good thing.The cost of having to defend the company against an EEOC accusation can ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Housing and Urban Development Act: Overview and 2018 Updates

    Ref: 26688 Friday March 23rd, 2018 - Aurora US

    OVERVIEW The act has many facets from different housing programs but most importantly the fair housing portion of the act. Fair housing impacts the nation as far as discrimination is concerned. During the 1960’s there was much discrimination and, included under the auspices of the HUD ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy