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Event :The Influential Leader - 10 Techniques to Influence Your Team Members and Get Stuff Done

Date :Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Location :Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr
80016-6104 Aurora, United States

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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Influence has a strongly positive impact on the success of any executive. This may be particularly true for leaders who, for example, have many different groups reporting to them. Remember, leadership is the art of getting work done well through other people, and learning how to develop leadership skills is crucial. And, mastering the strategies to influence your team is the most powerful way to do that. By the same token, influence is also crucial when you work with a division over which you have no direct authority, yet their work is necessary to your own success. You can't order them to do what you want, you must persuade or inspire them to put forth their best efforts toward the clear objective you have defined.


•  Do you sometimes feel that people don’t understand what you want from them?
•  Do you wish you could influence your team members in such a way that they feel understood and eagerly attack the tasks at hand?
•  Do you sometimes feel clueless about how to motivate team to improve performance?
•  Do you suspect that you have only one or two approaches you use to influence people?
•  Are you frequently baffled when the work result you receive looks nothing like what you expected?
•  Do you sometimes feel like your team members and direct reports are not really reacting the way you were hoping or appear demotivated?
•  If you can say yes to some of these questions or have a few additional thoughts pop in your mind, you should attend this webinar and get practical solutions that will help you to answer “NO” to these questions in the future.


•  10 strategies to influence your team
•  3 core aspects to always be aware of – that’s how people see you
•  Learn how to use:
             >People awareness
             >Motivating employees in the workplace
             >Engage & empower
             >Results orientation
             >Org goals
             >Corporate vision
             >Data and facts
             >Time management

As techniques to influence your peers, boss and your team members


This webinar enlightens how great leaders motivate their teams, and provides leadership tips for new leaders. You will have 10 practical, executable strategies you can take away and apply to your leadership.


•  Leaders & Managers who struggle to get thru to their people.
•  Leaders & Managers who want to improve their influencing skills.
•  Emerging and existing leaders who look for practical methods and tools to improve themselves in their role as leader.


Dr. Meierhoefer has developed web-based and online education training programs that are distributed in several countries and many of his coaching and mentoring clients have gone on to extremely successful careers, including becoming CEO’s of renown companies around the world.  Dr. Meierhoefer has written and participated in the writing of several books, is frequently invited to podcasts and media events and frequently provides articles to his audience on LinkedIn. 

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Conference address :
Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr
80016-6104 Aurora
United States
tel : +1-720-996-1616
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