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Event :The 9th World Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology (COPHy)

Dates :Thursday March 22nd, 2018 - Saturday March 24th, 2018

Location :Hilton Athens
Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 46
115 28 Athens, Greece

Type :Congress - International audience

Accreditation :--


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COPHyEU in Athens again will be devoted to evidence-based debates and discussions amongst session moderators, speakers and the audience, all of whom will examine and analyze the most relevant and controversial issues raised during the course of 2017 and 2018 within the field of ophthalmology. This educational Congress will continue to focus on Anterior Segment, Glaucoma, and Retina, and will discuss controversies in other areas of ophthalmology, such as neuro-ophthalmology, ocular imaging, and uveitis. Topics will include the treatment regimens and drug choices for retinal diseases such as diabetic macular edema or age-related macular degeneration, the role of anti-VEGF agents versus panretinal photocoagulation in the management of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, the current management of corneal disease with the use of advanced technologies for corneal transplants, and novel medical and surgical glaucoma management methods.



Allowing ample time for speaker-audience discussion, the Congress aims at reaching up-to-date and agreed-upon answers to ongoing debates even when data remain limited, through evidence-based medicine, including expert opinion. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in this vibrant meeting which will facilitate discussions on the shared experiences and opinions of leading local and international experts.



• Central serous chorioretinopathy acute & chronice
• Current imaging modalities: OCT angiography
• Diabetic macular edema: imaging and treatment
• Diabetic macular edema: treatment
• Genetics importance in diagnosis and management of non-neovascular AMD
• Myopic choroidal neovascularization
• Neovascular age-related macular degeneration: Regimen 1st year, future years
• Neovascular age-related macular degeneration: Treatment of choice, 1st eye vs 2nd eye
• Polypoidal vasculopathy diagnosis & management
• Retinal vein occlusion: treatment of choice
• RVO: Frequency of treatment, First year vs. succeeding years
• Uveitis infectious and non infectious
• Dyes in epiretinal membrane surgery
• Submacular hemorrhage 
• Macular holes – surgical techniques and postoperative management
• Management of macular schisis in pathologic myopia
• Retinal detachment, inferior, recurrent, severe PVR (in phakic, pseudophakic eyes)
• Scleral buckle in era of vitrectomy (in phakic, pseudophakic eyes)
• Screening of the periphery in high myopia
• Vitrectomy for epiretinal membranes with good or bad visual acuity
• Vitreomacular traction 
• Other topics
• Artisan lens
• Astigmatism correction in cataract surgery
• Corneal refractive surgery
• Dislocated IOL's
• Dry eye, Importance of meibomian gland dysfunction
• Femtosecond laser in cataract surgery
• Immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery
• Intracameral antibiotic
• IOL calculation following refractive surgery
• IOL exchange IOL power calculation methods
• Keratoconus
• LASIK in 2017
• Loose zonules
• Multifocal lenses
• Ocular surface disease
• Phakic IOL
• Presbyopia solution
• Pupillary dilation
• Special IOL's
• Other topics


• After one failed trabeculectomy
• Alphagan neuroprotective in NTG
• Applying MMC in trabeculectomy
• Aqueous outflow pathways: Increasing their drainage by new devices
• AS-OCT for angle imaging
• Best way to cover a tube shunt
• Failed tubes should always be followed by a second tube implantation
• First line treatment
• Future of glaucoma surgery
• Future of glaucoma treatment
• Gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy (GATT)
• Intraocular pressure and glaucoma: Tracking IOP (mean, peak, fluctuation)
• iStent
• Laser peripheral iridotomy
• Laser to trabecular meshwork
• Macular OCT for glaucoma
• Measuring ocular blood flow and perfusion pressure is important for management of glaucoma patients
• Medical management: first line for open angle glaucoma
• Neovascular glaucoma
• New Horizons in Glaucoma Surgery
• Non-IOP lowering therapy will be the future of glaucoma treatment
• Non-penetrating scelrectomy
• OCT imaging of the optic nerve and macula must be considered for glaucoma patients management
• Optic nerve head imaging
• Pediatric glaucoma
• Plateau Iris Syndrome
• Risk Calculators
• Surgical treatment for primary angle closure glaucoma
• Trabeculectomy in the Progressing Low Pressure glaucoma Patient
• Trabeculectomy with ExPress
• Treatment for primary angle closure glaucoma
• Tube shunt surgery
• Would glaucoma patients benefit from genetic testing?


• Blepharospasm
• Management of isolated optic neuritis
• Management of isolated sixth cranial nerve palsy
• Orbital tumors
• Posterior optic neuropathy: Evaluation and management
• Psuedotumorcerebri in pregnancy
• Thyroid ophthalmopathy
• Treatment of traumatic optic neuropathy
• Treatment for NA-AION


Prof. Anat Loewenstein, Prof. Neil Bressler 



Map and directions
Congress address :
Hilton Athens
Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 46
115 28 Athens
Map and directions

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The 9th World Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology (COPHy) Ophthalmology
ophthalmology, anterior segment, glaucoma, retina, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular
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