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Event :Strategies to Mentor and Inspire Disengaged Employees to Improve Engagement

Date :Wednesday August 15th, 2018

Location :Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr,Aurora, Colorado
80016-6104 Aurora, United States

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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Employee engagement has always been a challenge. Whether it is due to poor communications, lack of sense of team, lack of critical thinking skills and/or a lack of leadership challenge the problem has not gone away. Disengaged employees in the US cost organizations $450B to $550B annually. 51% of the US work force is not engaged.


This webinar will take a look at employee engagement or the lack thereof in organizations today. We will explore the engaged, disengaged and the actively disengaged to better understand the impact that each can have on the organization. We will explore how the gift of mentoring in the workplace can bring someone from the edge of becoming disengaged to an employee that wants to be engaged and a contributor to the success of the organization.

Is your organization struggling with disengagement in your work place? Are you experiencing high turnover rates and it seems as though it is the good employees that are leaving. Does the water cooler talk seem to provide a catalyst for negativity in your organization? Do you question whether or not you want to come to work. If any of these questions are ones that you ask yourself then you need to attend this presentation.


Organizations today are faced with many challenges some of which include: economic downturn, aging work force, talent shortage, lack of succession planning/development and a workforce that is disengaged. When you look around your work environment do you as a leader/manager recognize the signs of a disengaged employee and do you understand the impact that this can have on your organization as a whole? We have seen organizations that are not aware of the impact and have chosen to bury their heads in the sand - the ostrich syndrome. If they cannot see or hear it, then it must not be taking place. The constant negativity that is taking place at the water cooler is slowly poisoning your work environment and you need to think of solutions before the poison overtakes your entire organization. Maximize the positive energy and minimize the negative energy. We have seen where good employees have said very clearly that if this culture does not change then we will be looking to go elsewhere. Remember that it is always the good employees that leave - because they can! We will explore the signs of anengaged employees vs. disengaged employees and how that can impact a mentoring culture. We will look at what it takes for dealing with disengaged employees and how that can impact your mentoring culture as well. Our discussion will explore the role of both types of employees in a mentoring culture. We will share some real life experiences, employee engagement strategies and how the disengaged employee can actually do a lot of harm to your culture and disrupt the productivity levels. We will also discuss the implementation of a mentoring culture and what it takes to do so. We will draw on information from past presentations and leverage that learning to continue our journey towards creating organizations that have an engaged, empowered and accountable work force enabled through a mentoring culture.


  • Participants will be able to recognize the symptoms of disengaged and actively disengaged employees in their organization.
  • Participants will better understand the business value of a mentoring culture - the creation of a continuous learning environment.
  • Participants will understand the value that mentoring will play in leadership development and how this will minimize the disengagement factor in their organization.
  • Participants will understand the need for a solid culture to be in place before implementing a mentoring program.
  • Participants will understand employee engagement best practices and benefits of employee engagement.


All levels in the organization. Some will recognize it as their organization. Some will be searching for a solution to rid their organization of the engagement issue.


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Conference address :
Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr,Aurora, Colorado
80016-6104 Aurora
United States
tel : +1-720-996-1616
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