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Event :Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Abuse: How to Avoid Inappropriate Workplace Behaviors

Date :Tuesday April 02nd, 2019

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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This one hour course is designed for all employees in your organization. It is intended to help employees learn how to behave appropriately in today’s workplace and the consequences of inappropriate workplace behavior.

It has become clear that complaints are being made and honored about behaviors that in the past had seemed “too mild” to worry about. Only egregious sexual misconduct was brought to the attention of those in charge. Not so anymore! Today, even the mildest form of harassment, discrimination in the workplace, bullying and abuse will be brought to the attention of those in charge, leading to loss of reputation, job, professional standing and money.


The course focuses primarily on the more subtle forms of sexual abuse, with examples of inappropriate behavior. Of course, it also is a review of the laws, and other aspects of discrimination in the workplace. The sections include introduction, history of the laws, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, bullying and abuse, if you are the recipient of unwanted behavior, consequences of inappropriate workplace behavior, and words hurt.


  • Explore examples of more subtle forms of harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Discover some words that should never be used in the workplace (or elsewhere)
  • Recognize the laws and the history of how they developed
  • Identify ways to modify behaviors


Gain a deep understanding of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate workplace behavior. Also learn how to prevent harassment in the workplace and stay out of trouble.


All Employees

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Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Abuse: How to Avoid Inappropriate Workplace Behaviors Pharmacy
consequences of inappropriate workplace behavior
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