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Event :Quality Management Systems - Concepts, Principles, Requirements, Benefits

Date :Thursday December 06th, 2018

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

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Nowadays, QMS are omnipresent in virtually all economic sectors all over the world. In many professional areas the implementation of a QMS is even mandatory. Therefore, many companies and other organisations need to undergo a certification process to prove that they have implemented a state-of-the-art QMS.

A sound knowledge of the concepts, principles, requirements and benefits of state-of-the-art QMS is a prerequisite to work successfully in a QM-driven environment.


Areas Covered in the Session



  • QMS related terms and definitions
  • concepts
  • principles
  • requirements and the related benefits based on ISO 9001:2015
  • reference to QMS certification

Learning Objectives


  • General understanding of terms and definitions based on ISO standards
  • concepts and principles
  • requirements
  • major functions and benefits of QMS


Who Will Benefit



  • Professionals entering organisations implementing QMS or being given tasks within the QMS
  • Management staff without previous broader experience with QMS


Speaker Profile


Frank Salchow Veterinarian, microbiologist/molecular biologist, GMP inspector for vaccines, Laboratory manager, quality manager, project manager, business excellence assessor. 

Frank Salchow, basic qualification veterinarian, PhD, with a specialist degree in microbiology/molecular biology. He started his career in research and development of bioassays/immune assays and the production of the related biologicals and diagnostic kits as well as vaccines. He was heading a respective laboratory for more than a decade. 

After thorough management training through the GTZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH he was implementing international development and consultancy projects for the GTZ and as partner/owner of the private consulting company Animals & Health GmbH for more than twelve years. 

He qualified as Quality manager (EOQ), quality auditor (EOQ) and assessor for the accreditation of testing laboratories and inspection bodies (DAR) and conducted more than 200 audits and assessments, most of them as lead auditor/assessor. In 2002 he entered the top management of a German accreditation body and became managing director of the German national accreditation body DAkkS after the merger of the German accreditation bodies in 2011. Today he is working at the German consumer protection authority of Lower Saxony LAVES as a GMP inspector for veterinary vaccines (incl. immune diagnostics) and internal quality management consultant. Throughout his working life he has been a trainer and consultant. He has trained more than 400 professionals and executives, qualified trainers and consulted numerous organisations and companies. 

International standards applied: ISO 9000-series (i.e. 9001, 19011), ISO/IEC 17000-series (i.e. 17001, 17020, 17021, 17025), EU GMP Guideline, EFQM business excellence model.,-principles,-requirements,-benefits-200213live?doctorama-seo

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Quality Management Systems - Concepts, Principles, Requirements, Benefits Pharmacy
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