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Event :Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginner to Advanced Simpliv

Dates :Wednesday March 28th, 2018 - Tuesday December 31st, 2019

Location :Online (Internet, Videoconferencing, ...)

Type :Education - International audience

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our lives like nothing before it. What if machines could learn automatically, on their own, and be able to improvise on their functions, without being prompted to do so all the time, just like humans?

Does this sound like the stuff of science fiction? It may have appeared so in another time and era. But with machine learning, AI is indeed being elevated to a level where machines will actually ‘learn’ what to do next -on their own-without being told to do so, or in other words, without being programmed to do so.

This is machine learning in a nutshell. At its core, machine learning enables computer programs to be developed in such a manner that they learn to access data on their own and put them to use too, on their own. Isn’t it fascinating that technology has reached levels where human intervention is no longer necessary for machines to do tasks that they earlier had to be programmed into doing? This is the beauty of machine learning.

A career in any discipline of machine learning is extremely exciting and rewarding for students and professionals at various levels. Primarily, machine learning uses Python, Java and R, and also C++ and C to an extent. If the skill needed for developing machine learning is the call you want to take in your career, Simpliv, a learning platform with an unimaginable range of courses, is there to help you.

Simpliv is a video library with a difference. It aims to make learning of just about any topic accessible to everyone who wants to learn. Its courses on machine learning are aimed at helping both students and professionals sharpen their knowledge of machine learning to either start their careers in this field, or to enhance their skills and knowledge if they have already chosen this field. Like all its other courses, Simpliv’s courses on machine learning are designed for everyone: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

As you augment your knowledge at each of these levels, you grow to the next level. This is the method that Simpliv facilitates for you.


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Online learning platforms such as Simpliv are completely changing the face of the education landscape for better. Among the many advantages of the e-learning platforms, one of the most significant ones is that it allows the learners to access the expertise of the trained instructors and gives the opportunity to become active [...]

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Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginner to Advanced Simpliv General dentistry - Management - Periodontics
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