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Event :Cycling CME Road Bike Italy 2020

Dates :Saturday June 06th, 2020 - Saturday June 13th, 2020

Location :Villa Nonno Fernando
N.A. Le Fosse n° 11
Cortona, Italy

Type :Conference & Seminar - International audience

Accreditation :10 crédits


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Welcome to Cycling CME Tuscany Italy 2020! 

Our Cycling CME Conference returns to Italy and provides relevant, interactive, and interesting medical education, combined with daily cycling in Tuscany Italy. These rides emphasize our theme of the importance of exercise and nutrition and its impact in fighting chronic disease.



1.    Discuss the importance of exercise in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease and review the importance of exercise in relationship to the brain/cognition.

2.    Review healthy nutrition and discuss recommendations for patients that can be used in primary care

3.    Discuss common musculoskeletal problems in active patients including physical examination/common exercise workshop 

4. Review common sports medicine problems in the active patient



Exercise and the Brain – The Impact for All Ages 

Exercise Physiology 101 and Exercise Prescription – Application to Practice through Case Studies 

Nutrition as Medicine – What to Eat? What to Tell Patients? What's new

Healthy Cooking Workshop I  

1.    Describe the basics of healthy cooking and relationship to treating diet-related disease

2.    Appraise and describe the different types of fats including examples – review the literature on the positives and negatives of fat in our food

3.    Describe using healthy fats in cooking 

4.    Hands-on workshop – Demonstrate healthy food preparation; Appraise the purpose and healthy use of fats in cooking and discuss viable replacements

Healthy Cooking Workshop II

1.    Describe the physiological impact of ingestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

2.    Discuss the impact of carbohydrates, proteins and fats on Diabetes Mellitus 

3.    Appraise grains and sugar consumption

4.    Recommend basic nutrition and hydration needs in active patients

5.    Hands-on workshop – Demonstrate healthy food preparation; Use of whole grains, reducing sugar consumption, understanding glycemic index

The Mature Athlete

Cardiovascular Issues in the Endurance Athlete

Supplements in the Athlete

Musculoskeletal Problems in the Cyclists 

Bone Health in Cyclists 

Common Problems of the Lower Extremity – Examination and Rehabilitation Workshop 

This is the preliminary schedule; There will be 10 hours of CME



Dr. Mike Reeder, others TBA

Organizing committee

Cycling CME

Scientific committee

Cycling CME



Map and directions
Conference address :
Villa Nonno Fernando
N.A. Le Fosse n° 11
Map and directions

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Cycling CME
Cycling CME is a medical education company whose theme is the importance of exercise and nutrition and health. In addition, each day includes bike touring, which emphasizes our theme. Our conferences are purposefully small with multiple hands-on workshops.

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