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Event :2nd Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine (SACIM 2018)

Dates :Saturday November 17th, 2018 - Sunday November 18th, 2018

Location :NH Lord Charles Hotel
Main Rd & Broadway Blvd, Heldervue
7130 Cape Town, South Africa

Type :Congress - International audience

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Integrative Medicine recognises the holistic and unique nature of human-beings, which encompasses physio-energetic information systems. It investigates the multi-factoral causes of disease. In this approach the practitioner and the sick individual form a team working towards an integrated protocol of management best suited for that person.


SACIM2018 provides a platform for like-minded health care providers to share knowledge, research and best-practices. The objective is to facilitate the advancement of science and research and providing advice on new policy. We invite you to join this growing community in our mission to promote safe, effective, evidence-based, holistic, patient-centered health care.

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David Arthur, South Africa; Ernest Buitendag, South Africa; Kojo Carew, Sierra Leone; Aly Cohen, USA; Felice L. Gersh, USA; Louise Lindenberg, South Africa; Dhesan Moodley; South Africa; John Park, South Africa; Michelle Perro, USA; Carolyn Ross,USA; Robert Saper, USA

Organizing committee

Leila Sadien, Congress Chair SACIM 2018; David M. Nye, Chairman SASIM; Bernard Brom, Inaugural Chair SASIM; Siobhan Dawson, Board Member; Renee Usdin, Board Member



Map and directions
Congress address :
NH Lord Charles Hotel
Main Rd & Broadway Blvd, Heldervue
7130 Cape Town
South Africa
Map and directions

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2nd Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine (SACIM 2018) Acupuncture - Addiction - Cardiology - Dermatology - Diabetes - Diet & Nutrition - Endocrinology - General medicine - Gynecology obstetrics - Hospital
Acupuncturists, Allied Health Professionals, Cardiologists, Chiropractors, Complementary Health Therapists, Complementary Health Doctors, Dieticians, Endocrinologists, Functional Medicine Practitioners, General Practitioners, Gynaecologists, Homeopaths, Hypertension Specialists, Immunologists, Infectious Diseases Physicians, Integrative Healthcare Practitioners, Integrative Medical Doctors, Integrative Oncologists, Integrative Paediatricians, Internal Medicine Specialists, Interventional Radiologists, Licensed Herbalists, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors, Natural Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors (Naturopaths), Nutritionists, Oncologists, Osteopaths, Paediatricians, Pain Management Physicians, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Residents, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners
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