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21 CFR Part 11 Guidance for Electronic Records - 2018

Ref: 26779 Thursday June 21st, 2018 - Online

ER/ES capability can vary, and the approach should be based on the specific case and the risk of failing to meet the guidance associated with it.

Education: Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, Computer science, Management

Drug Substances and Drug Products - Specifications

Ref: 26778 Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 - Online

Learn requirements for changing specifiations through the lifestyle of the product.

Education: Medicine, Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, National Health, Management

Manufacturing Safety - What you don't Know can Harm you

Ref: 26777 Friday May 18th, 2018 - Online

In this webinar, we will explore the hazards related to the manufacturing facility on many fronts.

Education: Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, Computer science, Management, National Health

Investigator Reporting Responsibilities - OHRP

Ref: 26776 Friday May 18th, 2018 - Online

A comparison will be provided for the AE reporting requirements for drugs and devices.

Education: Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, Management

C-TPAT - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 2018

Ref: 26775 Monday May 14th, 2018 - Online

How to develop a standard approach to complying with the voluntary C-TPAT guidelines, and Strategies for reducing the cost and complexity of compliance with C-TPAT.

Education: Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, Management, National Health

Fundamentals of Risk Management in Clinical Research 2018

Ref: 26774 Friday May 04th, 2018 - Online

Practical aspects of developing key performance and quality indicators at all stages of clinical trials will be discussed.

Education: Pharmacy, Management, National Health

How to Comply with 21 CFR 11 Requirements

Ref: 26773 Wednesday May 02nd, 2018 - Online

What are future expectations for EMRs (FDA Draft Guidance) and the impact on sponsors and sites.

Education: Pharmacy, Management, National Health

Medical Device Single Audit Program Preparation

Ref: 26595 Friday April 06th, 2018 - Online

Overview: The International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) recognizes    that a global approach to auditing and monitoring the manufacturing of    medical devices could improve their safety and oversight on an    international ...

Education: Medicine, Pharmacy, Management

Validation for the New FDA Inspections

Ref: 26594 Thursday April 05th, 2018 - Online

How to conduct a software validation program that will satisfy FDA requirements and produce a safe product.

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Management, Toxicology

Discussion on Raw Material Methods and Specifications

Ref: 26593 Wednesday April 04th, 2018 - Online

The quantities and quality of each inactive ingredient is critical to the function and design of the final product formulation.

Education: Pharmacy, Medicine, Management

How to Identify the Causes Behind the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ref: 26439 Friday March 30th, 2018 - Online

The discussion takes the participants through how DMAIC was successfully used to make viable differences with live metrics and results.

Education: Medicine, Public Health, Management, Pharmacy

Top 100+ Healthcare webinars You Can Get for $10

Ref: 25836 08/15/2017 -> 12/31/2018 - Online

Want to enhance your regulatory compliance career by learning a new course? All that it costs is $10. Yes, GlobalCompliancePanel, a provider of professional trainings, is offering hundreds of high value regulatory compliance courses for a mere $10 each. Regulatory compliance learning, that ...

Education: Pharmacy, Bio-Technologies, Computer science, Management