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    List of pharmacy conferences and seminars : 115 results

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    Mastering the Leap to Management: Skills and Techniques for New Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

    Ref: 32053 Wednesday July 29th, 2020 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Anyone who’s been a manager will tell you that there is a huge difference between doing and managing. • Instead of doing the work you love, you spend your time in meetings, filling out forms, writing projections and dealing with personnel problems.
    • Instead of just making...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    The Veterinary Drug Approval Process and FDA Regulatory Oversight

    Ref: 32057 07/29/2020 -> 07/30/2020 - virtual seminar US

    Editorial The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is responsible for the approval of veterinary drug products intended for family pets, food-producing animals, and other animal species. This seminar will cover the process for obtaining federal government ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Developing Conflict Competent Leaders to Harness the Power of Organizational Conflicts

    Ref: 32059 Wednesday July 29th, 2020 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW In this webinar, participants will learn how to harness the power of conflict as leaders in their organizations. Participants will examine their own conflict styles and those they lead. In addition, the various types of conflict in the workplace will be looked at and ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    How to Give Corrective Feedback (the C.A.R.E. Model): Eliminating Negative Behavior by Focusing on Accountability

    Ref: 32066 Thursday July 30th, 2020 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW What is the issue you are challenged with? Uncontrolled negative behaviour in the workplace, offensive language, constant and undeserved criticism, personal hygiene, inappropriate clothing, religion or political opinions, tardiness, poor work performance, negative behaviour ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Create Effective Data Visualization in Excel (Hands-On): Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Skillset

    Ref: 32068 Thursday July 30th, 2020 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Many of us use Excel to create reports, dashboards, and graphs. While Excel is very versatile and includes chart templates, it does not incorporate design best practices. In this hands-on webinar, you’ll learn how to transform built-in Excel templates into graphs that ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Remotely Delivering Effective Coaching and Feedback

    Ref: 32071 Tuesday August 04th, 2020 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW It can be challenging for managers to give feedback and to coach remote employees since the interactions are limited. The importance of having structured feedback and coaching practices in place is critical. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND One of the most common complaints among ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Gene Therapy for Ophthalmic Disorders | August 5-6 - EDT | Online

    Ref: 31889 08/05/2020 -> 08/06/2020 - Online

    Revolutionize the Development and Delivery of Gene Therapies for the Eye

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Steam Sterilization Microbiology and Autoclave Performance Qualification

    Ref: 32052 Thursday August 06th, 2020 - Palo Alto US

    Editorial In this webinar, the steam sterilization mechanism will be described as it relates to bacterial cells and endospores. The process and key terminology are defined. Understanding these fundamentals is critical to develop a successful autoclave sterilization ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Essentials Of USP Microbiology - Reading Between the Lines of the USP General and Information Microbiology Chapters

    Ref: 32058 08/06/2020 -> 08/07/2020 - virtual seminar US

    Editorial The objective of this on-line, interactive two day "Essentials of USP Microbiology" seminar is to explore USP General and General Information Chapters to learn their current and updated status and to confirm that those Chapters being utilized are used correctly. USP documents that ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Method Development and Validation for Assays Supporting Testing of Biologics

    Ref: 31837 08/13/2020 -> 08/14/2020 - San Diego US

    Editorial This 2-day seminar is designed to offer a broad overview of developing and validating a range of assay methodologies for biologics with specific key analysis of cell culture, assay variability, and DOE. Specifically, this seminar covers essential concepts related to cell-based potency ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Global Regulations for Equipment Qualification and Validation of Processes in the Pharma Manufacturing

    Ref: 32060 08/18/2020 -> 08/19/2020 - virtual seminar US

    Editorial The various regulatory agencies have expectations that pharmaceutical manufacturers will demonstrate control over their manufacturing equipment. The FDA's findings of deficiencies concerning equipment validation indicate the agencies expect definitive evidence that the equipment ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Patients as Partners US

    Ref: 31305 08/19/2020 -> 08/21/2020 - Online

      The 7th annual Patients as Partners is guided by a dedicated group of advisors from pharma and biotech, patient advocacy and FDA whom meet quarterly to develop the conference agenda. This is the only event that truly demonstrates how to involve patients throughout the entire medicines ...

    Conference & Seminar: General medicine, Pharmacy

    Innate Killer Summit 2020

    Ref: 31044 08/24/2020 -> 08/26/2020 - Online

    The 5th Innate Killer Summit is the leading industry meeting providing a platform for leaders in the NK, gdT and NKT fields to network, interact and learn. This 3-day meeting is the only end-to-end platform that fosters the transformation of leading science to life-changing commercial ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Raw Material Requirements (Health Canada/USP/EP) in a cGMP Environment - Issues and Solutions

    Ref: 31880 08/24/2020 -> 08/25/2020 - Boston US

    Editorial Raw material requirements in a cGMP environment are often overlooked as a Company develops new products. Depending upon the product being developed, e.g., tablets and capsules vs. biotechnology products to include recombinant microorganisms and gene therapy products, as few as fifteen ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    2nd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit 2020 - Boston, MA

    Ref: 31112 08/27/2020 -> 08/28/2020 - Online

    A unique digital forum focusing on accelerating the discovery and translation of bacteriophage research into targeted therapeutics that demonstrate clinically significant results.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Gene Therapy Analytical Development Europe | Virtual Event

    Ref: 31536 09/01/2020 -> 09/03/2020 - Online

    Optimising Analytical Methods to Guarantee Safe, High Quality, Consistent and Efficacious Gene Therapy Products

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Injectable Drug Delivery 2020

    Ref: 31198 09/02/2020 -> 09/03/2020 - London GB

    SMi Group is pleased to announce the third annual Injectable Drug Delivery conference, which will be held in London on the 2nd and 3rd September 2020.

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Global Summit on Generic Drugs and Quality Control September 07-08, 2020 Prague, Czech Republic

    Ref: 31522 09/07/2020 -> 09/08/2020 - Prague CZ

    Objective to collate the views of each of the key professionals and groups those being in Research Field, Medical field, those being Physicians, Pharmacists, Public Health Advisors,Entrepreneurs, Manufacturing Companies, to share advanced knowledge about generic drugs.

    Conference & Seminar: Public Health, Pharmacy

    The Advanced Therapies Congress

    Ref: 31742 09/07/2020 -> 09/09/2020 - London GB

      Advanced Therapies is Europe’s most important advanced therapies conference and exhibition. The event brings 300 expert speakers and 2,000 cell and gene professionals from biotech, pharma, payers, regulators, start-ups, investors, researchers and tech companies together. The agenda is ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    The Drug Development Process from Concept to Market

    Ref: 31925 Monday September 07th, 2020 - Palo Alto US

    Editorial The goal of pharmaceutical development is to design a manufacturing process that can produce a drug product to a consistently high quality. This webinar sets out regulatory expectations for pharmaceutical development, taking account of the risk-based approach set out in ICH guidance ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

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