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    Payroll Missteps, Potholes and Pitfalls—Watch Out for These Areas to Avoid Costly Errors

    Ref: 27934 Wednesday September 26th, 2018 - Online

    Know about the various payroll pitfalls that may lead to unforeseen problems, derailing the smoothest operation of the department. Also, get tips on how to maintain compliance with regulations.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Turning New Supervisors into Powerful Leaders:How to Provide Inexperienced Managers the Skills to Lead Their Teams

    Ref: 27937 Wednesday September 26th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW This session maps out the strategies that you can start using immediately to turn even the newest, most inexperienced supervisors into effective leaders. New Supervisors – we can engage and energize or set up to flounder and fail. For starters, you'll learn how to help ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Professionalism on the Road: Making Work Travel Kinder

    Ref: 27940 Wednesday September 26th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Traveling with a supervisor?  Or a group of colleagues?  Are the expectations different if you’re traveling abroad?  Does it really matter if I upgrade to first class or order steak & lobster at a business dinner on the road?  In this webinar, we will de...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data

    Ref: 27944 Wednesday September 26th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW PivotTables can help you sort and sift through large data sets to focus quickly on just the data elements that matter most to your specific needs.In addition, you’ll get tips on the easiest way to group your data. Most importantly, when you use the power of PivotTables, you’ll ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Role of HR in Building Effective Teams

    Ref: 27956 Wednesday September 26th, 2018 - Online

    Understand the human resource’s role in team building and how the efforts of building effective teams in the workplace can ultimately contribute to the bottom line of the business

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Non-Opioid Pain Drug Development Summit 2018

    Ref: 27334 09/27/2018 -> 09/28/2018 - Boston US

      With the US in the midst of an opioid crisis, it has never been more critical for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic fields to unite in a common goal to innovate and accelerate the discovery and development of novel non-opioid therapies to treat pain.   This summit ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Don’t Just Coach Your Staff: Develop Them

    Ref: 27955 Thursday September 27th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Put down the whistle. Learn how you can empower your employees and make them own their own performance and development.How do you transform coaching from a check-the-box activity to a process that moves the needle on performance? This webinar provides practical tips and best ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    International Clinical Pharmacy Conference, Sep 28,2018

    Ref: 27452 Friday September 28th, 2018 - Sharjah AE

        The Scientific Commitee have gathered excellent speakers from the United Kingdom and in our region to discuss recent advanced practices of Clinical Pharmacy that have huge clinical impact. The conference is supported by the UK Practice Pharmacy Group (UK-PPG), a specialist group ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Medicine

    2ème Forum de l'Officine (Tunisie)

    Ref: 27946 09/28/2018 -> 09/29/2018 - Tunis TN

    Editorial Le Bureau National du Syndicat des Pharmaciens d’Officine de Tunisie à l’honneur et le plaisir de vous inviter au Deuxième Forum de l’Officine qui se tiendra les Vendredi 28 et le Samedi 29 Septembre 2018 au Parc des Expositions du Kram-Tunis sous le thème « L’Officine, défis et ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    2018 – 2nd International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 30 Sep – 01 Oct, Budapest

    Ref: 26446 09/30/2018 -> 10/01/2018 - Hungary HU

    Conference URL: Conference Name: 2018 – 2nd International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 30 Sep – 01 Oct, Budapest Conference Dates: 30 September – 01 October, 2018 (Only ...

    Conference & Seminar: General dentistry, Pharmacy, Psychology, Nurses

    Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Excel, PowerPoint and Word

    Ref: 27960 Monday October 01st, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Microsoft Office is known for integration capabilities. We typically work with Excel, Word and PowerPoint individually, and we may insert data from Excel into a Word report or a PowerPoint presentation. Each program has features specific to sharing data automatically among ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Medical Device Technology Exchange, Oct 2-3, 2018 - Del Mar (San Diego), CA

    Ref: 27789 10/02/2018 -> 10/03/2018 - Del Mar US

    Medical Device Technology Exchange (MDTX) event is the place where engineers from all fields of medical industry come together in Del Mar, CA - October 2-3, 2018 to unveil the future of medical devices and putting you at the forefront of what's happening in the industry. By hosting engineers with ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Excel - Automation - VBA & Macros 101

    Ref: 27964 Tuesday October 02nd, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Do you find yourself repeatedly performing the same actions or tasks in your spreadsheets? If the answer is "Yes", it’s time to learn how to create a macro.
    In this advanced Excel training you will learn how to create and edit macros, create macros that can be re-used ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    8th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, 2018 Montreux

    Ref: 27276 10/03/2018 -> 10/05/2018 - Montreux CH

      In its 8th year, our EPP Life Science Pricing Forum (3-5 Oct. Montreux – Switzerland) will once again bring together the best industry's speakers, senior executives and innovators to discuss the latest developments in the pricing, market access and profit optimisation ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    How to Implement an Effective Wellness Program

    Ref: 27972 Wednesday October 03rd, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW We know a healthier workplace is important now more than ever. With plenty of health promotion available, are our health trends changing? This session will explore best ways to achieve a healthy workplace by understanding how to start a corporate wellness program and ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    How to Conduct Workplace Investigations - Best Practices And Know How's

    Ref: 28010 Wednesday October 03rd, 2018 - Online

    Know how to conduct workplace investigations, including best practices & how to develop a plan, make a decision and prepare a report for the same.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Managing Generations: How to Manage, Engage and Motivate Different Generations; Especially Millennials at Work

    Ref: 28020 Wednesday October 03rd, 2018 - Aurora US

        OVERVIEW Generational diversity is no longer just a buzzword. We’re seeing younger and younger individuals in positions of power and influence in the workforce, and these days it’s not uncommon for the power hierarchy to be reversed, with older individuals reporting to younger ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    2018 – 3rd International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 04-05 Oct, Dubai

    Ref: 26447 10/04/2018 -> 10/05/2018 - Dubai AE

    Conference URL: Conference Name: 2018 – 3rd International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 04-05 Oct, Dubai Conference Dates: 04-05 October 2018 Conference Venue: Flora Grand ...

    Conference & Seminar: General dentistry, Pharmacy, Nurses, Psychology

    US, EU and Japan Practical ICH Area Differences, Healthcare Authority Inspection Focus

    Ref: 27871 10/04/2018 -> 10/05/2018 - Bloomington US

    Description: This ICH GMP 2-Day seminar will provide your company the opportunity for comprehensive understanding of ICH GMP and the nuances and differences between the three main ICH triumvirate regions (U.S. EU and Japan). It will cover the key areas of how ICH was established, it's goals and ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Toxicology, Research, Public Health

    Validation and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance of Computer Systems

    Ref: 27872 10/04/2018 -> 10/05/2018 - Philadelphia US

    Description: The Problem We have all heard of Computer Systems Validation & Data Integrity, but do you really understand what it is? Do you understand how 21 CFR 11 and Annex 11 fit into this picture? Specifically, can you answer questions on the following: 21 CFR Part 11 and ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Toxicology, Public Health

    Stressed Out: How to Handle Conflict, Difficult People and Challenging Situations

    Ref: 27966 Thursday October 04th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Conflict is an inevitable part of life. No matter how hard you try, it can seem that there will always be something that causes you or someone around you to be frustrated, angry, and impatient – or a whole host of other not-so-pleasant emotions.
    Conflict arises when the ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Microsoft Office Boot Camp - Tips and Tricks of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook - 3 Hour Boot Camp

    Ref: 27974 Thursday October 04th, 2018 - Online

    Learn tips and tricks for working with various tools of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Essentials of OFCCP Compliance: Requirement, Enforcement and Fulfilment of Affirmative Action

    Ref: 27975 Thursday October 04th, 2018 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Attendees should come away from this webinar with a working knowledge of the essentials of Affirmative Action and regulations that apply to federal contractors and sub-contractors and will also learn about some of the more recent changes in some of the Affirmative Action ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Adapting a Coaching Model Approach Helps Manager Skills

    Ref: 27991 Thursday October 04th, 2018 - Aurora US

        OVERVIEW Effective leaders use effective coaching in the workplace as part of their leadership style. 
    Leaders who use coaching skills have more successful careers and improved business results.
    There are many benefits of coaching in an organization as coaching is ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

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