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    Bacteriophage Therapy Summit

    Ref: 28400 03/26/2019 -> 03/27/2019 - Boston US

        Welcome to the 1st Bacteriophage Therapy Summit The Only Industry-Focussed Forum Dedicated to Facilitating the Discovery, Translation and Acceleration of Bacteriophage Research into Targeted Therapeutics with Clinically Significant Results With increased demand for solutions ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    2nd Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Summit 2019

    Ref: 28563 03/26/2019 -> 03/28/2019 - Boston US

        As the race to generate compelling clinical data to prove the concept of antigen-specific immunotherapies gains momentum, the 2nd Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit returns to Boston in 2019 to help large pharma, biotech, and academic researchers to ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    The Economist Events' Antimicrobial Resistance Summit

    Ref: 28928 Tuesday March 26th, 2019 - London GB

    The world is facing an imminent crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). A growing range of disease-causing bacteria are proving difficult to treat; some are no longer treatable, even with the last line of antibiotic defences. In a classic case of market failure, ageing antibiotics that are ...

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Applied Statistics, with Emphasis on Verification, Validation, and Risk Management, in R&D, Manufacturing, and QA/QC

    Ref: 29015 03/26/2019 -> 03/27/2019 - Houston, TX US

    Applied Statistics, with Emphasis on Verification, Validation, and Risk Management, in R&D, Manufacturing, and QA/QC

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Automating Calculations in Microsoft Excel: Logic Theory and IF Functions

    Ref: 29118 Tuesday March 26th, 2019 - Online

    Learn the logical functions in Excel including COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIF, SUMIFS and more to automate your calculations and save time while working with Excel.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Sponsors at Workplace are Game Changers: How to Attract and Keep a Sponsor in Your Workplace and Make the Best Out of It

    Ref: 29147 Tuesday March 26th, 2019 - Online

    Get an in-depth knowledge on workplace sponsorship and how to attract and keep a workplace sponsor. The webinar also discusses career sponsor vs mentor.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Live Webinar on FDA Inspection Preparation Guide: Handling 483s and Warning Letters

    Ref: 29151 Tuesday March 26th, 2019 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW In this webinar you will learn about the types of FDA inspections, preparations such as assigning personnel to specific tasks for the inspection, facility requirements to support the inspection (front room, back room), the value of mock audits, how personnel should conduct ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Live Webinar on Issues in Calibrations and Accuracy in Method Validation

    Ref: 29148 Wednesday March 27th, 2019 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW One of the most important concepts and criteria of Good Laboratory Practices is accuracy, how well does a methodology stand in terms of quantifying when compared to an expected value? There are various approaches in calibration and in the use of standards for comparisons. This ...

    Conference & Seminar: Paramedic, Pharmacy

    Live Webinar on The Influential Leader - 10 Techniques to Influence Your Team Members and Get Stuff Done

    Ref: 29156 Wednesday March 27th, 2019 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Influence has a strongly positive impact in the success of any executive. This may be particularly true for leaders who, for example, have many different groups reporting to them. Remember, leadership is the art of getting work done well through other people. And ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Advanced Coaching Techniques for Supervisors and Managers: Optimizing Your Efforts to Get the Best Results

    Ref: 29176 Wednesday March 27th, 2019 - Online

    Learn advanced coaching techniques for managers for getting the best results. Also learn how to tailor your efforts to suit the needs of the coachee and how to address decline in the coachee's performance.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Live Webinar on New Tax Reform Act of 2018 Explained: Major Tax Changes You Need to Know About for 2019 Filing

    Ref: 29178 Wednesday March 27th, 2019 - Aurora US

     OVERVIEW The Tax Cuts and Job Act became law on December 22, 2017. It’s considered the biggest tax overhaul since the 1986 Tax Reform Act. The impact of its tax changes will affect business owners and other individual taxpayers. Some will pay more, others less and a few may see no ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    21st Asia Pacific Diabetes Conference

    Ref: 27997 03/28/2019 -> 03/29/2019 - Osaka JP

    Share your research work with us and explore novel approaches in fields of Diabetes and Endocrinology and Meet leading Diabetes, Endocrinology, Obesity & Insulin therapy Professionals from Academia and industry from Australia, Japan, Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, and USA to take part

    Conference & Seminar: Anatomy pat. & histo, Cardiology, Diabetes, Diet & Nutrition, Endocrinology, General medicine, Internal medicine, Management, Natural medicine, Pharmacy

    13th Global Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials Summit

    Ref: 28326 03/28/2019 -> 03/29/2019 - Osaka JP

    Theme: Promulgating the prevention of adverse drug reaction
    March 28-March 29, 2019 Osaka, Japan.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy
    CME 20 credits

    Accountability as a Goal at Work : Fostering the Ownership Mindset

    Ref: 29120 Thursday March 28th, 2019 - Online

    Learn how to improve accountability in the workplace and get tips on creating a positive workplace culture. Also understand the difference between accountability and responsibility in the workplace.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Live Webinar on Managing Older Workers: Understanding the Power Dynamics and Generational Differences

    Ref: 29239 Tuesday April 02nd, 2019 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Generational Diversity in the workplace is no longer just a buzzword. We’re seeing younger and younger individuals in positions of power and influence in the workforce, and these days it’s not uncommon for the power hierarchy to be reversed, with older individuals ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Abuse: How to Avoid Inappropriate Workplace Behaviors

    Ref: 29247 Tuesday April 02nd, 2019 - Online

    Learn about discrimination in the workplace, bullying and abuse and the consequences of inappropriate workplace behavior. The webinar also explains how to prevent harassment in the workplace.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Use Microsoft Outlook to Its Fullest Extent: Tips, Techniques and Best Practices. It’s Money in Your Pocket!

    Ref: 29248 Tuesday April 02nd, 2019 - Aurora US

      OVERVIEW Microsoft Outlook is a powerful productivity tool and if you are using it only for email and for keeping track of meetings and appointments, about 80-85% of the power of Outlook is unused. You paid a great deal for the privilege of using Microsoft Outlook – why ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Handling a Chaotic Work Environment: How to Prioritize Work and Make Good Decisions Under Pressure

    Ref: 29291 Tuesday April 02nd, 2019 - Online

    Learn the art of managing through chaos in the workplace and how to make good decisions under pressure. The webinar also discusses time management tips and structured decision making examples.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Medi'Nov Connection 2019

    Ref: 28588 04/03/2019 -> 04/04/2019 - Lyon FR

    Nom de l’événement : Medi’Nov Connection 2019 Lieu : Lyon - Matmut Stadium (anciennement Stade Gerland) Dates : 03 & 04 avril 2019 Site internet : Descriptif : Organisé par First Connection, Medi’Nov est un le salon B2B ayant pour ...

    Conference & Seminar: Research, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Paramedic

    Top 50 Microsoft Excel Hacks: Powerful Tips for Power Users

    Ref: 29256 Wednesday April 03rd, 2019 - Online

    Learn top 50 Excel hacks & tips to save time while working on Excel and enhance your productivity. The webinar discusses Excel keyboard shortcuts, sorting and filtering in Excel quickly, and many more Excel tips and tricks.

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Acting on Your Employee Engagement Survey Results: Strategies and Techniques to Follow-Through on Goals

    Ref: 29303 Wednesday April 03rd, 2019 - Aurora US

     OVERVIEW Your company spends lots of time and money on designing, developing and implementing your employee engagement, experience and pulse surveys. Join us to find out how to maximize that investment by leading accountability through the follow-through phase. Learn the top ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    4th Annual Congress on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

    Ref: 28158 04/04/2019 -> 04/06/2019 - Auckland NZ

    Manifesting advancements in the field of Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

    Seminar on Tougher Import Rules for FDA Imports in 2019

    Ref: 29016 04/04/2019 -> 04/05/2019 - Washington US

    Seminar on Tougher Import Rules for FDA Imports in 2019

    Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

    Chief Medical Officer Summit

    Ref: 29110 04/04/2019 -> 04/05/2019 - Boston US

      We are pleased to welcome Dr Julie Krop, CMO, EVP, Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Dr Zain Kassam, Co-Founder, EVP, Clinical Development and Translational Medicine, Finch Therapeutics and Dr Steven Zelenkofske, EVP, CMO, Achillion Pharmaceuticals as ...

    Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

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