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International Congress of Physiotherapy 2018 Women and sport: a multidisciplinary clinical approach. From recreational to top athlete.

Ref: 25416 Saturday January 27th, 2018 - Bruxelles BE

The aim of the congress is to bring together physiotherapists, other health practitioners and trainers to share and update knowledge about sports physiology and inter-professional care dedicated to women. The congress will focus on three main topics: physiology and performance, exercise therapy and

Congress: Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Cancerology, Diet & Nutrition, Endocrinology, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med. , Orthopedics, Traumatology, Urology
CME 10 credits

Brain and Body; It Is Time To Work Together

Ref: 26118 04/27/2018 -> 04/28/2018 - Bruxelles BE

The brain and the body are still too often approached in a dualistic way in movement therapies. Yet, understanding the intimacy of this brain-body relationship and the complex interactions that result from it means putting the patient at the centre of the treatment and accepting him or her as a ...

Congress: Physiotherapy, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Pneumology, Pain

Didactisch Parcours Abdominale Echografie van Hond en Kat – Editie 11

Ref: 25384 09/09/2017 -> 01/14/2018 - Bruxelles BE

Praktische informatie Data: 09 & 10/09/2017 - 07 & 08/10/2017 - 11 & 12/11/2017 - 09 & 10/12/2017 - 13 & 14/01/2018
  Sprekers Dr. Elke Schreurs - Dr Elke Van der Vekens - Dr. Veerle Volckaert
  Gebruikte pedagogische ...

Education: Veterinary
CME 142 credits

Anesthesia and analgesia - Second Edition

Ref: 25392 01/20/2018 -> 02/25/2018 - Bruxelles BE

General information Cycle of 2 week-ends in anesthesia and analgesia. Dates: 20 & 21/01/2018 - 24 & 25/02/2018 Adres: Brussels Speaker:  Dr Nicolas Girard
  Course objectives Reviewing and Improving anaesthesia and analgesia personal skills in small ...

Education: Veterinary
CME 37 credits