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Fundamentals of Payroll Calculations: Taxable Gross, Regular Rate of Pay and State Differences in Taxable Calculations

Ref: 30455 Tuesday September 24th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW In this webinar, attendees will learn the difference between gross pay and taxable pay and regular pay, all of which may be different numbers! This can prepare the payroll team to respond to questions from employees who don’t understand their paychecks. We’ll discuss these ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

How to Succeed as a New Manager: Mastering Essential Skills and Avoiding Classic Mistakes

Ref: 30467 Tuesday September 24th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW This program focuses on new managers at any level and demonstrates the essential elements every manager in every industry must learn to execute effectively to get the results management requires. The strategies of planning, delegation, motivation, and coaching are the power tools ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Managing and Engaging Remote Employees/Virtual Teams/Telecommuting: How to Keep Teams Connected from Afar

Ref: 30471 Tuesday September 24th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW Working remotely is becoming more of a norm in the tech industry. Various studies have shown that virtual team building is more difficult and it becomes harder for informal leaders to emerge tougher to create genuine dialogue, and easier for misunderstandings to ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Strategizing Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships

Ref: 30312 Wednesday September 25th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW Every workplace experiences conflict, confrontation, and controversy. No one enjoys tackling the touchy topics; but, an attitude of avoidance leads to misunderstanding and decreased productivity. Your employees will always have differences of opinion; however, if these ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Strategic Interviewing & Selection: Getting the Right Talent on Your Team

Ref: 30456 Wednesday September 25th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW The effectiveness of the Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection process can be no greater than the quality of the interviews themselves. Interviewers need to know how to follow a proven methodology for obtaining relevant information from applicants and properly ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Driving and Maintaining Peak Performance in the Organization Through Right Strategies

Ref: 30457 Wednesday September 25th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW Getting peak performance is not really about appraisal forms or appraisal systems. Many managers hide behind these forms rather than lead their employees and hold their employees accountable by helping them make themselves accountable. Leadership involves motivating your staff ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Employment-at-Will! Does It Protect Employers from Wrongful Termination Allegations?

Ref: 30459 Thursday September 26th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW You may have heard about at will employment but what does that mean? If you employ your workers “at-will”, does that mean you can fire them whenever you want? Does invoking the doctrine of employment-at-will protect you from wrongful termination lawsuit? WHY ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

How to Create a Workplace Free from the Drama That Drains Creativity, Energy and Productivity

Ref: 30460 Thursday September 26th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW There's a workplace condition that has substantive negative impact, including, hampered productivity - curtailed creativity - hobbled team cohesion - strained relationships and staff turnover. It's ubiquitous - you can find it everywhere you look - and it can be found all ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

A Leer, A Pat, A Joke, A Gesture, An Innuendo, A Kiss: Are You Prepared To Be the Next Social Media Blitz, Identified on #MeToo, or a ...

Ref: 30497 Tuesday October 01st, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Garrison Keillor, members of Congress, and various State law makers have been accused of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. But there is a difference between pulling one’s pants down in front of a female colleague at...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Perfect Your Performance Management System - Providing Effective Feedback and Coaching

Ref: 30475 Wednesday October 02nd, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW In today’s workplace it is very important that employees feel valuable and contribute to the employee performance management process. Participants will learn the importance of effective performance evaluations, how to conduct them, how to engage employees in the process and ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Managing Toxic & Other Employees Who Have Attitude Issues

Ref: 30479 Wednesday October 02nd, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW Most organizations have employees who on occasion: Complain & gossip excessively Use inappropriate language Are mildly insubordinate But Toxic Employees have interpersonal styles that demonstrate a pattern of counter-productive work behaviors. While ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Writing Quality Audit Reports: Techniques and Standards

Ref: 30490 Friday October 04th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW How well you communicate the audit observations is critical to getting management’s acceptance of your findings and their agreement with your recommendations. A well written compliance audit report adds value to your clients by providing information that ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

MS Excel: BI Reporting with Power Pivot and Power Query (Learn about Data Models, DAX Formulas and More)

Ref: 30492 Monday October 07th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW If you work with data, you’re likely already familiar with common frustrations with Microsoft Excel like size limitations and manually entering data from multiple sources. Luckily there are two Microsoft tools- Excel PowerPivot and PowerQuery—that solve ALL of these issues, rig...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Letters of Credit for Importers-Exporters: Intricacies of Contractual Agreements, Negotiation and Policies

Ref: 30507 Tuesday October 08th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Import and export Letters of Credit are the primary instruments for assuring payment of goods sold internationally. Letters of Credit are issued under the Uniform Customs and Practice standard and can be negotiated by over 30,000 banks worldwide. This web session ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Speeding to Effective Time Mastery: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Ref: 30549 Tuesday October 08th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Are constant deadlines, conflicting priorities, meetings and challenges fracturing your day? This program gives you keys to successful time management. With this program you will gain an understanding and ability to be a better time manager. You will discover your present ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Harassment, Discrimination, and a Manager’s Role in Workplace Investigations

Ref: 30511 Wednesday October 09th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW A professional investigation helps an employer defend against legal liability and can send a message to employees that they work for an ethical company. However, whether the workplace investigations, from fact-finding to writing reports, defend the company and limit your legal ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

TIN Matching System: Reducing B-Notices and Eliminating Proposed Penalties

Ref: 30517 Wednesday October 09th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW For many years, the IRS has placed the burden on businesses, non-profits and not-for-profits as well as all levels of government to report information about taxable payments they make to their vendors and customers. In order to more accurately match our information reporting ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Charisma & Confidence: Learn Leadership Magnetism and Six Leadership Secrets for Superior Team Results

Ref: 30519 Thursday October 10th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Each person is born ethnocentric, or believing that other people and events revolve around them which is generally true for the first few years of a child's life. The focus of activity for a growing child is inward. Some people carry this inward, self-focus into adulthood. ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

4 Steps to Reduce Team Conflict & Improve Team Cohesion Using DISC Assessment

Ref: 30521 Thursday October 10th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW The presentation covers topics that focus on team communication and team conflict. The key to team cohesion is building team trust so that team members respect and listen to each other. The webinar covers: Behavioral and communication styles in teams Problem solving ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Behavior Based Interviewing: Selecting Right Candidates and Avoiding Bad Hires

Ref: 30527 Thursday October 10th, 2019 - Aurora US

 OVERVIEW Companies erroneously spend too much time on looking for the correct skills and knowledge for the job and paying little or no attention to attitudes and behaviors necessary for a candidate to perform at a high level. The fact is that most involuntary terminations occur because of ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Who & How to Hire: Best Practices for Finding and Retaining the Best Candidates for Your Optimal Team

Ref: 30534 Thursday October 10th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW When building the optimal team, it is imperative to find not only the right candidates for the job, but the candidates that will best complement your company’s mission and the team as a whole. This webinar will go over innovative ways to attract talent, strategic interview ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Coaching: Your Mindset Makes All the Difference. How to Turn Around a Struggling Team & The Power and Practice of Follow-Up

Ref: 30536 Wednesday October 16th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Empower your employees to become more productive, effective and committed team members! In today’s tough business environment, your organization can’t afford anything less than outstanding performance. Are you prepared to get the best from your team? Keep your team members’ ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Finance & Accounting 101 Simplified: Understanding Financial Statements and Key Business Ratios

Ref: 30540 Wednesday October 16th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Three related Finance & Accounting courses are presented in this Webinar: Making of Financial Statements: Transforming transactions to statements Interactive exercises to illustrate the basic concepts of financial accounting Overview of entire ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: How to Accelerate Your New Hire’s Productivity

Ref: 30488 Thursday October 17th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Is your hiring and employee onboarding costing you unnecessarily? Did you know…. Nearly 1/3 of people are job searching within six months of employment Almost 1/3 of externally hired executives miss expectations in the first two years With 10-15% annual attrition, ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Compliance Update - Payroll Limits and Changes for 2020

Ref: 30544 Thursday October 17th, 2019 - Aurora US

  OVERVIEW Make sure you are up to date on important payroll compliance issues. The webinar will discuss 2020 limits, and look at the US unemployment issues for 2020. We’ll also look at FUTA Credit Reduction states, 2019. Changes to state minimum wages, tip credit and ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

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