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Mayo Clinic Tutorials in Diagnostic Radiology

Ref: 31794 01/17/2021 -> 01/21/2021 - Maui US

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:
- Examine and compare challenging breast procedures
- Examine the anatomy of a breast cancer lawsuit
- Compare upper and lower extremity interesting sports cases ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Cardiology Update at Puerto Vallarta: A Focus on Prevention

Ref: 31987 01/18/2021 -> 01/22/2021 - Puerto Vallarta MX

The purpose of the meeting is to present state-of-the-art knowledge in cardiology with a clinically-based approach.

Conference & Seminar: Cardiology

Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Industry Review Summit

Ref: 31395 01/19/2021 -> 01/21/2021 - Online

Now the industry has started facing new, more acute challenges like finding suitable patient populations and designing robust trials, working with regulators around the world with varying attitudes towards cannabis, selecting the most pharmacologically appropriate synthetic or phytocannabinoid poss ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Journées Nationales de l'Escarre en distanciel

Ref: 32510 01/21/2021 -> 01/22/2021 - Online

Seule la partie des ateliers a dû être reformatée. Nous vous proposons donc une formule aménagée pour répondre malgré tout au mieux à vos attentes.
Au plaisir de vous accueillir nombreux à l'occasion de ces journées virtuelles de la Société Française de l'Escarre,


Congress: Geriatrics, General medicine, Internal medicine, Palliative care, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med. , Pharmacy, Nurses, Physiotherapy

Euro Pediatrics and Neonatology Virtual Congress

Ref: 32368 01/25/2021 -> 01/26/2021 - Online

Congenital Heart Disease and Surgery
Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
Midwifery and Pediatric Nursing ...

Conference & Seminar: Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Neonatology, Midwives, Palliative care, Diet & Nutrition, Emergency, Infectious Diseases - Hygiene, Internal medicine, General medicine

Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials EU Virtual Conference

Ref: 32512 01/25/2021 -> 01/26/2021 - Online

Patients as Partners EU is the only conference in Europe that demonstrates how to involve patients throughout the entire medicines development life cycle to drive greater efficiencies in clinical research. This 5th annual program’s core theme emphasizes decentralized trials and how they are benefit ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

asiaPLX 1 Singapore Asian Pharma Partnering Conference

Ref: 31465 01/25/2021 -> 01/26/2021 - Singapore SG

RauCon's first asiaPLX Asian Pharma Partnering Conference will be attended by top level business development executives who want to exchange and discuss business opportunities in Singapore, the central hub of Asia.
The online interaction and matchmaking systems of RauCon C ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

TGFb for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit | January 26-28, 2021 | Digital Event

Ref: 32351 01/26/2021 -> 01/28/2021 - Online

- Explore the mechanism of action data from Novartis on their anti-transforming growth factor-beta antibody XOMA089
- Get involved in Takeda, Scholar Rock, Oncotelic, and Sanofi's debate the best TGF-beta isoform to target, combination vs monotherapy approaches, and the winning therape ...

Conference & Seminar: Oncology

Digital PARP and DDR Inhibitors Summit 2021

Ref: 32354 01/26/2021 -> 01/28/2021 - Online

Sotiriou, Head of Biology and Co-Founder, FoRx Therapeutics, Andrea Loehr, Director - Translational Medicine, Clovis Oncology, Kent Mouw, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Simon Boulton, Senior Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute Co-founder and VP Science St ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy, Medicine

3rd Annual Longevity Therapeutics 2021 Summit

Ref: 32359 01/26/2021 -> 01/28/2021 - Online

Speakers: Adam Freund, Principal Investigator, Calico Labs, Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Insilico, Andrei Gudkov, Chief Scientific Officer, Genome, Aubrey de Grey, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, SENS Research Foundation, Brian Culley, Chief Executive Officer, Li ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

4th AI-ML Drug Discovery Virtual Conference

Ref: 32375 01/26/2021 -> 01/28/2021 - Online

Designed with leading AI experts from R and D departments across big pharma, biotech, and academia, this year's forum features 3 days of real-world case studies and interactive discussions. As such, the 2020 AI-ML Summit will provide you with a roadmap to augmented R and D decision making with redu ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Europe 2021

Ref: 32352 01/27/2021 -> 01/29/2021 - Online

Part of the foremost conference series for microbiome researchers in industry, the 5th Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Europe 2021 will return to unite leading scientists from the biopharmaceutical and academic community to pursue the causal role of the microbiome in disease, and help create ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

4th Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance Digital Summit

Ref: 32379 01/27/2021 -> 01/28/2021 - Online

Across 3 packed days, thought leaders from Novartis, ImCyse, Harvard Medical School, Toleranzia, Toralgen will reveal insight, data, and lessons learned from the last 12 months to enable you to hurdle the roadblocks preventing the development of clinically safe and effective antigen-specific immuno ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine, Pharmacy

Psychedelic Capital

Ref: 32611 Thursday January 28th, 2021 - Online

Starting with cancer-related anxiety, depression and existential crisis, Albert Labs will bring psilocybin-assisted therapy to the UK and Europe before expanding globally.

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Euro Medical Oncology and Radiology

Ref: 32427 01/29/2021 -> 01/30/2021 - Online

Euro Medical Oncology and Radiology Advisory Committee has designed this multidisciplinary program to offer participants a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of Oncology. This congress will cover the management and treatment of patients using the emerging and expanding ap ...

Congress: Oncology, Cancerology, Radiology & Imaging, Surgery, Endocrinology, Immunology, Anesthesia - Resuscitation, Diet & Nutrition

Online 2021 – International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 29-30 Jan, Berlin

Ref: 32329 01/29/2021 -> 01/30/2021 - Berlin, Germany DE

Martinez, Dean, College of Nursing, University of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Conference Language: English
Conference Themes: Healthcare, Life-Sciences & Nursing
Conference Application Form: Click Here ...

Congress: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic, Veterinary

6th Annual Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology: Asia-Australia

Ref: 32012 01/29/2021 -> 01/30/2021 - Bangkok TH

Thai Participants- Physicians and Scientists: EUR 140.0
Speakers: Anat Loewenstein, Neil Bressler
Time: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm ...

Conference & Seminar: Ophthalmology

2021 Men's Health Update: Engagement, Prevention and Performance - LIVESTREAM

Ref: 32592 Saturday January 30th, 2021 - Online

Gender specific topics in hypertension and renal disease, diabetes, heart health, health disparities, mental health and suicide, veteran health engagement, BPH and prostate health, outpatient cancer screening and health maintenance and male vitality.
Case-based presentations ...

Conference & Seminar: Medicine

JMC-2020- 1ère journée de la Clinique des Franciscaines Versailles

Ref: 32384 Saturday January 30th, 2021 - Montigny-le-Bretonneux FR

Participez en direct à un plateau débat TV inédit sur le thème de "l'echochirurgie de la main et du coude".
Créez une proximité avec les intervenants.
Validez vos acquis.
Le programme de la journée ...

Conference & Seminar: Physiotherapy, Paramedic, Chiropody, Hand Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Phys. & Rehabilitation Med. , Sports Medicine, General medicine

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Ref: 32528 Monday February 01st, 2021 - Online

Attendees should be anyone who networks as a part of their career.
Objectives of the Presentation
» Define what makes you different and recognize why this is important
» Describe to others what makes you different ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy

Arrhythmias and the Heart: A Cardiovascular Update

Ref: 31593 02/01/2021 -> 02/05/2021 - Koloa US

The diagnosis, management, and prevention of common rhythm disorders, atrial fibrillation, and ventricular arrhythmias will be reviewed along with challenging aspects of congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, and myocardial disease. Special sessions will highligh ...

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Abdominal and Chest Imaging Update on Maui

Ref: 31823 02/01/2021 -> 02/04/2021 - Lahaina US

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
Use contemporary imaging techniques and protocols to accurately diagnose airway disease, lung infection, and mediastinal masses.
Describe thoracic radiologic procedures for clinical cancer management.

Conference & Seminar: Radiology & Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging Update in Beaver Creek

Ref: 31853 02/01/2021 -> 02/04/2021 - Beaver Creek US

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
Apply advanced techniques and protocol design in CT, MRI, ultrasound, and Interventional Radiology
Integrate state-of-the-art imaging techniques and applications into clinical practice.

Conference & Seminar: General medicine

Successfully Dealing With Difficult People Remotely: The 5 Most Difficult Types of People And How To Effectively Approach Them

Ref: 32529 Tuesday February 02nd, 2021 - Online

Before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared, has your workforce been largely office-based? Is this the first time you and your team have been working 100% virtually? If so, then this Webinar is for you! As enterprises have been growing far and wide, often international in scope, we find ourselves as ...

Conference & Seminar: Pharmacy


Ref: 28913 02/02/2021 -> 02/04/2021 - Avignon FR

Moins spécialisé que d’autres grands congrès internationaux, l’ISHEID propose aux participants d’accéder à une information scientifique de pointe.
L’ISHEID se classe donc parmi les congrès irremplaçables pour mettre à niveau son savoir scientifique et faciliter les échanges d’expertises ...

Conference & Seminar: AIDS, Virology, Infectious Diseases - Hygiene

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